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Retouch and color correction

There are 2 main types of photo processing. It: color correction and retouching (correction of skin flaws and other details in the photo).

What is color grading?

All photos after shooting need color correction. Today, this process is akin to film development. This type of processing is included in the price any shooting from Olegasphoto.

Optionally, you can additionally order photo retouch.

What is retouching?

The main task of retouching is to correct any defects in the footage. In the case of portrait photography, this also includes fixing cosmetic flaws. The purpose of this work is to bring the image closer to the ideal, but at the same time preserve the individuality and naturalness of the photo.

In order to minimize the interference of retouching and immediately achieve a better result, when shooting portraits, it is strongly recommended to use the services of a professional makeup artist who has all the necessary professional skills for this.

Processing example subject photos


Video about the processing of interior photos in Lightroom: