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How do I shoot a portrait?

When shooting portrait you can do without special equipment. The main thing here is the artistry and naturalness of the model. Mutual understanding between the photographer and the model, a relaxed atmosphere, a positive mood - these are the main factors for creating a good portrait, as well as an adequate full frame camera.

In addition, there are some more rules for shooting portraits.

1. If possible, try not to photograph "head-on". It is not at all necessary for the model to look into the frame. Even on the flip side - the most interesting photographs often come out when a person is enthusiastically engaged in some business or looking away in thought. It is important that in such moments the model does not strain and, therefore, looks natural in the frame.

2. When shooting a portrait, make sure that there are as few unnecessary objects in the frame as possible that distract about the model (furniture, other people, etc.). Remove everything that is not relevant to the subject of your shot.

3. Close-up portraits can be interesting when only a face or part of a face is visible in the frame. This allows you to increase the visual load on each element of the portrait: hairstyle, cosmetics or unshavens will stand out more.

4. Rarely do you get good photos where the model is centered. The photo will come out more natural if you position the person slightly to the right or left (but do not leave too much white space on the sides).

5. In case you need to shoot a person in full growth against the background of the sea or picturesque mountains, remember, you should not try to kill two birds with one stone: both landscape and person will not work successfully at the same time. Take the picture so that the person is the center of the composition, and the mountains and the sea create a quality background. The entire landscape can be photographed separately.

6. Avoid standing still: allow the person to relax and take a comfortable position. Also, it will not be superfluous to look at poses for photographs of people.

how to photograph portraits7. Continuing the second point. Before taking a photo, make sure that nothing that spoils the photo gets into the frame: high-voltage transmission lines, wires, road signs, fences, debris and other rubbish. Nothing should stick out from the back of the model: a lamp post, tree, branch, etc.

8. Each shot must be balanced in composition: there should not be too much landscape, sky, sea, unless it is part of the artistic plan. It is ideal to follow the basic rule of composition (the rule of the Golden Ratio): the photo should be divided horizontally and vertically into three parts, and the key elements of the plot (eyes, head, mouth) should be located at the intersection of these three parts.

9. Before taking a photo, pay attention to the clothes of the model. It should sit well, be clean, free from stains, etc. To hide such defects, the frame can be recomposed.

10 When taking portraits, it is very important to keep an eye on depth of field... Only the portrait of the model should be completely sharp in the frame, and even then not always. Blurred backgrounds are always very beneficial for portraits and photo sessions... When you focus, make sure your eyes are always in focus.

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