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What is the difference between Love story and wedding photography?

What is the difference between these two types of filming? Both there and there a photo session of lovers is held, and the duration may coincide. There is an opinion that photographers simply inflate prices as soon as they hear the word "wedding", because photography of a love story is much cheaper than a wedding photo. So what's the difference? So.

What lovestory photo shoot?

This is a relaxing photo walk, usually in a park or outdoors. The couple walks, the photographer advises better poses and looks out for beautiful angles. Such a photo walk is conducted at a leisurely pace, everyone is easy and comfortable, no one is in a hurry. There is time to do several takes of the same poses, everyone has time to talk, how to tune in to a creative mood. If something doesn't work out, you can reshoot as much as you like. And in the end, get pleasant pictures in a relaxed atmosphere.

What wedding photography?

A wedding photo session always includes a ceremony at the registry office. Photos in the registry office it is the reportage style of photography. What has it to do with reporting indoors, and shooting indoors is much more difficult than shooting outdoors due to more complex lighting. This requires different optics from the photographer and sometimes flash. Photographing in the registry office is not just a reportage. This is a filming of an event that usually happens once in a lifetime. This means that it needs to be presented in the best possible way. Everything happens very dynamically, there is no time for extra takes. Events take place according to a certain scenario and the task of the photographer is to capture it beautifully the first time. This requires not only the availability of technology, the ability to handle it, but also the skills of such work, which is significantly different from a relaxed lovestory photo walk.

Then, after the registry office, a wedding photo walk follows. A competent wedding photographer should know the best places for this kind of photo sessions, he should keep in mind the optimal poses and angles for photographing the newlyweds. The wedding day is always planned inside out. This means that you need to work quickly and competently. This is very different from the usual photo shoot in nature, during which no one is in a hurry and there is time for takes and experiments. When shooting a wedding, the photographer, based on previous experience, must clearly know what he is doing, therefore his work is more expensive.

So why does a wedding cost more than a love story?

  • the photographer needs experience in shooting weddings
  • availability of a larger set of expensive optics
  • ability to use technology in poor lighting conditions
  • ability to work with a large number of people
  • ability to work in a dynamic environment

I would like to answer one frequent appeal about the cost of a wedding photographer:

we just shoot everything as it is, we don't need anything special, it would be cheaper for us

If there are no requirements for the photographer at all and you need something somehow take off, why contact professional photographer? To do this, it is enough to hand the camera into the hands of the guest and ask him to shoot the wedding.

A professional photographer sells his experience and skills and owns quality equipment - it cannot be very cheap or even free. I provide services at very reasonable prices. If you want to get good, high-quality photos, I will be glad to help you with this.

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