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What is test photography?

Concept trial or test shooting appeared on the Internet recently. What is meant by it is difficult to say unequivocally. Everyone sees this kind of photographer work differently.

Where did the test shoot come from?

This service can be found on the websites of some budding photographers. With a test shoot, they try to attract new clients. For a nominal payment or even free of charge, many are ready to hold a small photo session to show what they are capable of. The client, in turn, may then agree or disagree to further cooperation.

Test shooting may be offered in various genres. As in the form walking photo sessions before the wedding, and for shooting items for online stores. The latter type of work is highly publicized.

Due to the fact that a test shooting service appeared on the sites of people with cameras, many customers began to take this service for granted and expect that professionals will also engage in test photo sessions. But this is not the case.

Why test photography?

The essence of the event is to show the client the quality of the work and convince him of the correct choice of the photographer. Very often this concerns precisely subject photography... Such an offer is relevant for beginner photographers who have neither a portfolio, nor real experience with various types of objects, nor a large number of orders.

If a person is just starting to take pictures and still doubts himself whether he will be able to photograph, say, a bag, a book, or T-shirt on a white backgroundthen he is ready to go to the client for free / for a nominal fee to try and practice. Such an event cannot be attributed to professional photography.

Difference of work professional photographer to guarantee a high-quality result. The client, for his part, can verify this by reading photographer portfolio, reviews of his work and other information. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify that no matter how large the portfolio is, it is impossible to photograph all things in the world... Therefore, do not be surprised if the portfolio does not contain your particular item (thermos, sock or candelabrum). The type of object is often not at all as important as its color and condition (the presence of scratches, stains and other defects that require retouching).

Why don't professional photographers do free test shoots?

  • First, good photographers have busy schedules. Free time is worth its weight in gold. With the existing number of orders, there can be no question of any free trial filming.
  • Secondly, a professional photographer, due to the accumulated knowledge and experience, knows what and how he can shoot. The trial and error phase was passed many years ago. The essence of his activity is a guaranteed result.

Of course, test shooting can be ordered from professional photographer... But she will be paid by the tariff minimum order.