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Where to order professional photography of paintings in Kiev?

Pictures of paintings and art objects - a very subtle and specialized direction subject photography... To obtain a high quality image, you need the appropriate technical equipment, experience and consideration of additional factors.

How are pictures taken in Kiev?

plasticine paintingsThe process of photographically digitizing paintings is technically challenging. As in other areas in photography, it is very important here to individually apply the correct lighting scheme, which will allow you to convey all the color and texture solutions that the artist wanted to convey to the viewer. Just as in painting there are a lot of writing techniques, so in photography there are a lot of schemes for working with light. Ideally, to show a picture on a reproduction or in a catalog as the artist sees it, you need to shoot it under the same lighting in which it was created. However, since this is not always possible, the shooting of pictures can be carried out in a professionally equipped photo studio with all the necessary lighting.

What are the difficulties when shooting pictures?

Most often, when shooting on their own, people face such problems as:

  • uneven illumination of the plane of the canvas
  • poor sharpness detail
  • impossibility to transfer invoice
  • inaccurate color reproduction
  • glare and overexposure in certain areas
  • lack of contrast and saturation

Professional photography allows you to overcome all these disadvantages and get a high-quality result that can be used in the printing industry. Shooting can be carried out to create a digital copy in full size (digitization of pictures), for printing in catalogs or reproductions.

comparison of the detail quality of a photo of a 100 megapixel picture

You can view a full-size digitized picture (20 and 100 megapixels) by link.

Examples of photography of paintings from Olegasphoto:

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