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How to carry out subject photography?

I'll tell you about the subject photography For example preparation of product catalog for LLC Stirolbiopharm.

What does the preparation for object photography consist of?

  • Preparing the subject of photography
  • Background selection
  • Lighting setting
  • Search for good angles
  • Camera setup

Preparation of the subject (subject) of shooting

The preparation of the subject is just as important as all the subsequent stages of photographing the subject. Ideally, the subject should be clean, free from flaws and defects. In practice, you have to deal with what the customer provides. The rest is post-processing.

 Background selection

table for subject shooting

A great solution would be to use a professional studio background. If this is not at hand, as it was in my case, you need to look for another way out of the situation. In my case, it was A3 sheet, on which I placed the packaging for photography.

Lighting setting

It all depends on what goals you set for yourself and what equipment you have. My goal was not to get a completely uniform background. The idea was to present the company's products in the most presentable way. From the lighting I have at my disposal 2 flashes with radio synchronizers. This is what the lighting scheme looked like:

The light from flash # 1 bounced off the sheet of paper served as the key light. Flash # 2 provided a backlight, illuminating the background and side wall of the drug box. Thus, it was possible to achieve the effect of volume and depth in photographs.

For comparison, you can look at the old photo in the company's product catalog and the new one after my photo session.


And this is what the improvised studio looked like at the customer's site:


Search for good angles

If you have to shoot a series of subjects, as in my case, pick one good angle and stop there. When placing products in the catalog, photographs must be unified: one lighting scheme, one angle.

Camera setup

The same situation with the exposure setting: manual mode without changes. Find the optimal parameters and don't change them. Otherwise, the photos will look out of place. In my case, this is: f / 18 ISO 250 focal length 55mm (lens Canon 24-70 2.8L macro). A closed aperture is needed for maximum sharpness when shooting at close range.

In general terms, that's all. Here I have described an example of my work. It is clear that there are many other ways to implement subject photography.

Date of writing: June 2013

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