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How to choose a registry office?

Not a single wedding can do without marriage registration at the registry office. Moreover, the formal wedding ceremony is the main event on the wedding day. Therefore, the choice of a registry office for registration is very important.

Registry offices in Kiev - how to choose?

Today, marriage can be registered at any registry office, regardless of the place of registration. To preserve the festive atmosphere and carry out everything at the highest level, when choosing a registry office in Kiev, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • location
  • entrance to the building
  • appearance
  • interior and size of the registration hall
  • registry office staff and queue

1) Location of the registry office important for organizing the wedding day. As a rule, some of the guests gather at the newlyweds' home, when the bride and groom are getting ready, as well as the bride's ransom. Some of the guests drive up to the registry office on their own. Someone can then come directly to the restaurant. One way or another, the registry office should be located so that it is convenient for everyone to get there, and the road, taking into account traffic jams, did not take too long.

2) Convenience of access to the building and parking availability especially become relevant if you rent a limousine... For example, in Podolsk registry office on a weekday, parking in a car is very problematic, there can be no question of a limousine. Difficult access to Obolonskiy registry office (you need to go through the courtyards on a winding bumpy road), although there is parking. Near Pechersky и Goloseevsky Registry offices also have little parking space.

You can easily drive up and park at the following registry offices:
Central, SolomenskyDarnitsky (Levoberezhny), Dnieper, Shevchenkovsky

3) Appearance the facade of the building is also important when choosing a registry office. It depends on how you will look in the photo and videoand, of course, the festive mood too. Unfortunately, few of the Kiev registry offices can boast of a good exterior.

  • Unambiguously in the lead Central registry office... Any Kievite is familiar with this monumental Wedding Palace. The building makes an impression.

If the aesthetic side of the holiday is important to you, they are definitely not recommended  Goloseevsky и Desnyansky Registry offices.

4) Interior and size of the hall... If the interiors in our registry offices are more or less, then you should pay attention to the size of the room.

  • If you want to invite a lot of guests to the wedding ceremony, say, 100 people, then it will suit you Central or Darnitsky REGISTRY OFFICE. They have the largest marriage registration halls in Kiev.

5) Courtesy of employees The registry office influences the atmosphere and festive mood of the wedding day. Also, their professionalism affects the presence of queues. Agree, it's unpleasant to wait in the registry office for your turn within an hour. IN Central и Darnitsky Registry office constant queues are normal. For the sake of fairness, it should be said that queues depend not only on the registry office employees, but also on the flow of people, which is off scale in some registry offices.

Also, when choosing a registry office, you need to pay attention to the fact that you are next to it. Parks and squares are a big advantage, where you can spend wedding photo session.

Which one to choose?

So, we looked at many factors that influence the choice. But which of all Kiev registry offices to choose, after weighing all "pros and cons"? One of the best registry offices in Kiev is rightfully considered Solomensky registry office: there is a parking near it, it has a pleasant facade, a spacious and beautiful registration hall, the queues are minimal. In addition, next to it there is a square at the KPI and several good photo studios (Colors, Kvartal and XXL-studio), where you can hold wedding photo sessions.

Also for small weddings I would recommend Pechersky registry office... Nice interior decoration, polite staff. Cons: small reception area and little parking space. Next to it are: Botanical Garden, Mariinsky Park, Glory Park, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and professional photo studios Pandora and Stagestudio... A bunch of places for photo shoots nearby is very convenient for a beautiful wedding photo and video shooting without wasting time on the road.


PS... About photo and video filming in the registry office.

It is strongly discouraged to use the services of full-time photographers and videographers in registry offices. These people work for a stream and there is no need to talk about the quality of services. If you want a good photo and video, it is better to order the photographer and videographer separately. More about this: