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How to make money from photography? Becoming a professional photographer.

Phrase "how to make money from photography"Is so popular on the Internet that I decided to expand on this topic. I wrote an article earlier Can you make money from photography?... The article appealed to the numbers. In short, the statistics of search phrases for photography and the number of sites offering such services are disappointing. Making money from photography is extremely difficult today. Now I want to talk about why this is so and what are the earning opportunities for a person with a camera.

Why is it difficult to make money on photography?

The specificity of the photography market lies in the fact that many people see (I will clarify - want to see) in photography, a way of easy money. Bought some fotik, posted an ad / made a simple website and money should flow like a river. Must disappoint. If you want to make money, this is not the field you should choose.

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I will conditionally divide people who want to make money on photography into the following: cynics, romantics и realists.

Cynics have a minimal set of techniques, do not bother with training / self-improvement and other difficult things. The main thing for them is to make money quickly and easily. Quality and creativity are secondary to them. Very often, such people combine their main job with a part-time job in photography. I met with such taxi drivers, hairdressers, office managers (although it is difficult for them due to the tight schedule).

Why doesn't the cynical approach work? Taking pictures is bad in today's competition it is impossible. The client is very demanding now. If needed item photothen stock quality is expected. If a reportage, then without marriage and with good light, etc. Shooting somehow is a road to nowhere.

Romantics want to shoot to make it beautiful. They want to realize themselves, to shoot something creative, to try new things. They can buy various equipment (for which there is enough money), go to some seminars /masterclasses from photography, participate in photo projects, etc. This is actually pretty good. They are also far from professional photographers.

Why isn't the romantic approach appropriate? Because the romantic is fixated on himself. The desire to create is very good. Only a commercial photographer should combine this desire with the needs of the client and work to promote their services.

Realist he begins to advertise his services, while simultaneously improving the specific skills necessary for practical tasks. And I have to say, acquiring skills can be very boring and time consuming. Everyone loves to apply filters in Lightroom / Photoshop and make beauty in 2 clicks. But no one likes to retouch for hours on end. Namely, retouching is in demand and necessary for the client. A realist starts investing in advertising and sees very little return on his investment. The realist understands that the real job of a photographer these days is not to shoot half-naked girls on the covers of magazines, but to photograph rather boring things with a lot of technical requirements. Then the realist realizes that working in the office you can earn more and, in fact, easier than a freelance photographer. And when, despite this, he continues to take photographs, it is then that he is born professional photographer.

You can also add one subtype of photographers: photo pickers. Photo pickers - men who want to undress women by means of a camera. These can be found in large numbers in tfp communities. If possible, they certainly do not mind earning extra money.

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What advice can you give to people who still want to make money on photography?

First, you must love photography more than money. This is not an area where they earn money for houses, summer cottages and cars. If you want money, you need to choose another, more boring, but profitable specialty.

Secondly, you need to understand that this is as hard work as any other. If you treat photography as an interesting hobby, it will remain so.

Thirdly, do not try to shoot cheap at first. It is pointless. You won't make money, but you will get a lot of headaches. Shoot for free, create beauty without burdening yourself and others with finances. When you feel confident in your abilities, set adequate market prices.

To improve skills and earn money, I recommend everyone to try photo stocks... Someone succeeds, someone does not. But there are opportunities. Especially attractive in stock photography - earnings in dollars, not national candy wrappers. There, hard work and perseverance are very important, which will be rewarded over time.

I also advise you not to skimp on technology and buy high-quality lenses. You can read technical reviews with detailed descriptions here.