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What is a professional photographer?

What is meant by the word professional? What kind of photographer can be considered a professional? Professional because it shoots well or because the camera is expensive?

Let's go in order. To begin with, under the word professional it is understood that a person makes a living by doing this. This means that the photographer with the monkey / pigeon / parrot on the street is a professional and the photographer who takes a passport photo is a professional. These people do not need to have expensive equipment. They don't even have to shoot beautifully. Moreover, these are really professional photographers. Because in these cases it is their profession. I have given examples where it is obvious that there is no creativity in the work of a photographer. There are also photographers who shoot in hotels, on cruise ships, in water parks, etc. Their work is hard, but again lacks a creative element. Not every photographer is a photo artist.

On the other hand, there are amateur photographers with expensive cameras and high-quality optics. They can shoot badly, or they can do well: have high ratings on photo sites, participate and win contests. But that doesn't make them professionals. A distinctive feature of a professional is his usefulness to society. Moreover, the utility is determined by the payment for his services. So, a professional photographer is a person who takes photographs and gets paid for it. This is the first and most obvious indicator.

What else sets a professional photographer apart?

Attitude to work. A true professional loves his job. This implies a desire to grow, a desire to do everything in the best possible way. It also means doing work in accordance with certain standards. A true professional does his job responsibly. First of all, be responsible to yourself. This means that he cannot afford flaws even in details. The client may not notice many nuances. But for a professional it is a matter of honor (the word is forgotten today) - to do the job efficiently. By the way, responsibility is also not held in high esteem today. Alas, many people who imagine themselves to be photographers (this also applies to other professions) consider themselves birds of free flight. I wanted to - I gave the photos in 2 weeks, I wanted it in 2 months. The question is not overwork, but laziness. Processed somehow, nothing - the artist sees it that way. Self-indulgence, irresponsibility and laziness are not at all signs of a professional. Even if this person, unfortunately, gets paid for it. A professional is a person who is responsible for his work, for the result, for the quality and for his words ... a rare phenomenon for Ukraine in all industries.

What conclusion can be drawn from this?

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