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What is the minimum order?

At the moment minimum order for any type of work indicated on this page.

What is meant by the concept minimum order?

Everything described below especially concerns such cases as “there for 10 minutes of work","we need quite a few photos"Or need test shooting.

In order to fulfill your order, you need:

a) have the necessary experience gained over the years
b) have expensive professional equipment
c) allocate time for shooting, including travel time
d) shoot
d) process the footage (even 1 photo can take hours - depending on the complexity)
f) maintain this site and pay for advertising
g) earn something else ...

As a result, the cost of a photographer's work is formed based on the following factors:

  • professional experience and skills
  • technical complexity of shooting
  • filming time
  • volume of footage
  • duration of processing of the footage
  • time and cost of travel to and from the filming location

Professional photo or video shooting services imply a guaranteed high-quality result. The appropriate quality and efficiency of work is achieved due to the above factors. Therefore, there is a concept minimum order, below the cost of which the shooting is not carried out.

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