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Original options for photo shoots.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the original options for photography. This will be relevant if you want something non-standard and original: places, decorations, accessories. Over time, the list will grow.


Shooting in the flower greenhouse of the botanical garden

National Botanical Garden. N.N. Grishko provides the opportunity to shoot in his greenhouse complex. Renting a room for a wedding photo shoot costs 500 UAH / hour upon advance payment and registration. Available: palm trees, exotic ficuses, blooming orchids and much more.

new botanical garden greenhouse








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Handmade flower headbands

Making of exclusive flower, berry headbands, handmade Roman women. Sale of both finished products and on order.









Helium balloons and bridal bouquets

Helium balloons for rent for photosets, as well as bouquets for a wedding.

bouquets and balloons for the wedding





Yacht rental for photo walks.

The landscapes of the Kiev Sea are mesmerizing. Photos from the yacht look nice and chic. Having gone on a yacht under sail, you will get the feeling as if you were at a seaside resort. This is a completely different world, some 10 km from Kiev. An unforgettable holiday with a relaxing effect. Season: March to October. If you are going with a company, the cost is indicated for all together. The yacht can accommodate up to 8 people. About the service of photo sessions on a yacht.


Motorcycle for a photo session.

It is interesting for organizing an artistic staged photo session. With a motorcycle, you can enter an aggressive and sexy image with shades of danger and recklessness.



Rooftop photo session - observation deck on the roof of the Aleksandrovsky residential complex

Roof specially equipped for walking / dating / photo sessions. It opened only this year. A great opportunity to make a lot of unusual shots. Sample photo session... The cost and conditions of getting to the roof can be found in the group of the observation deck.


Rent of retro clothes for photo sessions. Specify the prices.

Retro photo shoot idea very much in demand today. But the first problem people face is the lack of suitable clothing. Such clothes, as a rule, are much more convenient just to rent for the duration of the photo session.

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Rent of costumes for photo sessions. Specify the prices.

Do you want something new? Not sure what to wear for a photo shoot? In this case, a great option is to rent clothes for a photo shoot. Thus, you can transform into whoever you want, which opens up a wide scope for the flight of imagination and the implementation of non-standard ideas.

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Photo sessions with animals (rent of animals). Specify the cost.

Animals can be funny, funny, friendly, cute, dangerous after all. If you want to add emotionality to the pictures, add a non-standard flavor, this option can be very useful.

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Rent of large predatory cats for photo shoots

Servals and Savannahs from the NEA Wild Hunter cattery of exotic animals are rented.

servals and other cats for photo shoots

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Rent of props for photo sessions.

Decorations and props for themed photo sessions and parties, weddings. Decor items to order. Clocks, photo frames, mirrors, vases, and more.

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The above services can be useful for both studio photo sessions or photo sessions in natureso for wedding photography... In this way, you can implement undertakings that would otherwise not be available. Renting non-standard props, changing the setting, transforming into an original outfit - all this will be a great help for bright, emotional and unusual photos with you.