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Differences in interior photography for designers and realtors

Interior photography for various purposes has its own specifics, which I want to talk about below. There are 2 main directions for ordering real estate photos from me:

  1. Photo for real estate transactions (sale, rent).
  2. Photos for printing in catalogs or participating in design competitions ("Interior of the year").

With any type of photography, you need to present the interior in the most attractive way. But there are some significant differences between the first and second type of work:

    1. In the first case, the photographer is set such goals as: to show the layout of the apartment (office or other premises), to demonstrate the volume of living space, to photograph the existing furniture and equipment. For rent or sale, a visual increase in the volume of the premises in photographs is usually encouraged.

interior photography of an apartment in kiev

    1. Photography for interior designers should always emphasize nuance. These are color solutions in the room, interior details (lamps, handles, various accessories, etc.), the choice of lighting points, combinations of individual interior elements with each other, etc. In design photography, there is usually no need to showcase everything that is in the room. In general, you need to show the careful work of the designer, not the number of rooms and square meters. With this kind of shooting, there are many close-ups and shooting of details, which sometimes is closer to the subject photography.

interior photography with accents

It goes without saying that shooting for interior design contests is much more difficult than pre-sale photo shoots, where the premises are rented only in general plans, without emphasis on details. In order to demonstrate the work of a designer in a quality manner, a photographer needs to experiment during shooting and do a lotómore photos for selection. You need to play with light, position of objects in the frame, different angles, etc. Therefore, photography for contests such as "Interior of the Year" and others, it costs more than a photo of an apartment to rent.

There is also a third type interior photography - photos of offices for corporate websites of companies. This kind of work is essentially the closest to the first type of work.