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Why does it take so long to process a photo?

photo processing time

Photo processing time - the talk of the town. Everyone who has come across an order for the services of a photographer knows that processing takes time. Wedding photos take especially long time. For different people with cameras, the time for taking a photo can be from a month to six months or more. There is even a joke on this topic: we saw our wedding photos when our son went to first grade.

Why do photos take a long time?

There is no single answer. First, all people are different. Secondly, it depends on the type of shooting.

About people

  • There are people with cameras who consider themselves photographers, and thus try to fill their worth. Allegedly, the longer it takes to process, the better the photo. In fact, in the case of such "specialists" the quality will be mediocre in any case, no matter how much you wait.
  • There are photographers who need inspiration to get down to work. They will put off work until the last day in order to do everything later overnight (just like students before a session). They need to swing and come to the right state of the burning deadline.
  • There are photographers who have very little free time due to the large number of orders. Therefore, each next order must be queued and this affects the processing time.when will there be photos?

Types of work

Different jobs require different processing efforts. It is obvious. But it's not obvious which exactly how much it takes.

Very labor intensive processing subject photos... Retouching 10 photos on a white background can in some cases take 10 hours, an hour per photo. With such processing, you literally need to draw objects again.

Takes a lot wedding photography due to the large volume of footage. When thousands of photos are counted, it naturally takes a lot of time.

Special mention is worth video filming... In terms of complexity, video editing is ahead of photo processing by an order of magnitude (more on this in article). If it takes 2-3 days to process all the photos of one wedding, then the wedding video takes a week. Now imagine, if a person shoots 15-20 weddings per season, how long will it take to process.

The filming process is only part of the work of a photographer or operator. The processing stage takes time, but otherwise a high-quality result cannot be obtained.

photo processing time