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Gift certificates for photo shoots

Gift certificate for a photo shoot - a great opportunity to make a gift to your loved ones or friends. A photo shoot is a great way to capture individuality and highlight the beauty of a person.

How does it work?

photo session certificate from Olegasphoto
* design and text may vary

First, you pay for the service you wish to present. It can be both a photo session in nature and in the studio (examples of photo shoots). Depends on your wishes.

Cost of certificates:

  • 2 hours outdoors 2000 UAH *
  • 1 hour in the studio 2000 UAH *

* The price does not include the services of a make-up artist, as well as the provision of clothing.


After payment, you will receive a certificate indicating the type of photo session and the name of the person to whom it was discharged. From now on, a person holding a certificate can contact with me and agree on the time of the photo session (filming takes place on weekdays at any time by agreement).

Basically, you are making a prepayment for the photo session in favor of the other person. A certificate is a document confirming your payment and allowing another person to use this service.

Certificate validity period - 6 months... This is the time during which you can use it.

A certificate for a photo shoot is a great gift for March 8, for a birthday, wedding or other significant holiday.