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Studio portfolio

What is a photo portfolio? Portfolio Is a person's business card. Its purpose is to show the model in all possible ways in different environments.

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Portfolio is needed primarily for fashion models and actors. In other words, a kind of "dossier of achievements". As a rule, portfolios are needed by people of creative professions. But, in addition, the creation of a portfolio may be needed by well-known businessmen, politicians, journalists, designers, and just people who want to present themselves beautifully.

The purpose of a portfolio for a photo model or actor is to show a potential employer what a person is capable of in practice. A model's portfolio is a collection of professional photographs that comprehensively reflect her appearance, experience and abilities. A high-quality and well-made portfolio will create a complete impression of the model and her advantageous sides, the main ones of which are, to the greatest extent, the images and types that correspond to her.

For a business person, a portfolio will serve as a business card, working for a favorable image and recognition of both an individual and the company as a whole.

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If you are a model, a portfolio is one of the most important elements of a successful job search on the Internet. Thanks to the portfolio, the customer has the opportunity to assess your experience and professionalism, without even seeing you or communicating with you. It has been repeatedly written that a portfolio is a professional's calling card. The main task of a photo portfolio is to create the best impression of you.