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About the photographer and pans

In this article, I want to focus on the following question: what is more important than good technique or straight arms?

This topic is raised everywhere. Almost everywhere it is stated that the main thing is the hands, and the technique is secondary. There is a parable on this topic, which they often like to quote out of place and out of place. There she is:

One photographer came to a lady for dinner. She, having looked at his photographs, exclaimed:
- What wonderful photos you have! Probably you have a very good camera?
The photographer was silent. But, leaving, he said:
- Thank you, the dinner was delicious. You probably have very good pans.

which is more important than hands or techniqueI disagree with the parable of the cook. Technique is important. Main question: for whom?

For example, in this article “What to choose crop or full frame?»I don't advise beginners to shell out for an expensive full-frame camera. Indeed, at the initial stage, technique is not so important. There is no point in buying an expensive camera with expensive optics if you are just starting to shoot. It won't make the photos better. First you need learn to photograph, to understand the basic principles, to feel all the possibilities of the available technology and to understand whether you need something more or not. So, at the amateur level, the technician is not paramount.

Another parable from the same series:

- Can I buy a fancy camera? I will be a photographer.
- Buy the piano! You will be a musician ...

Indeed, a purchased expensive camera by itself will not make the pictures masterpiece in the hands of a beginner.

What about professional photography?

Everything is not so simple here. Highly depends on the genre of photography... For example, in a passport photo studio you don't need a cool camera at all. It is also not needed for a photo with a parrot on the street. Note that this is professional photography. That is, an occupation that brings money.

  • There is a genre subject photographywhere you need a good macro lens, plenty of customizable light, and matching backgrounds. Moreover, a full frame is not at all necessary here.
  • There is landscape photography, which in our conditions can hardly be called commercial. But for a good landscape you still need a full frame with a wide dynamic range + quality wide-angle.
  • В wedding photography, in my opinion, without a full frame in any way. Here and work indoors in low light (the need for high ISO) and shooting outdoors, where you need in addition good high-aperture portrait lens... Of course, weddings can be filmed using simpler and cheaper equipment. But this will already be a matter of professionalism. Take 2 kits for example:

1) Canon 60D with kit Canon EF 18-55mm f3.5-5.6

2) Canon 5D Mark II + Canon EF 85mm f1.8

No straight arms, sung in the parable of the cook, will give such a high-quality portrait in the first case, as the technique in the second set can provide. The same applies to other genres of professional photography.

When I meet a wedding photographer who says that technology is not the main thing, I am reminded of this demotivator:

canon 550d vs mark iii

In order to provide photographs of quality that meets the modern requirements of the market, appropriate equipment is needed. The cook may not care what saucepans to cook the soup in (although I assume that there are also some nuances), but in such a technologically advanced area as photography, technology is very important.

Although it all depends on what and how you shoot. Shooting in a studio setting puts more demands on lighting sources, not to the camera/lens.

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