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Professional photography of paintings in Kiev

photography of paintings in kiev

The cost of the service starts from minimum order depending on the required size* (for Print or digitization).

On this site you can order professional photography of paintings and other art objects both for the Internet and for duplication, reproduction or printing in catalogs.

photography of paintings in kiev

Catalog with photos from Olegasphoto:

The shooting is carried out using professional photographic equipment, taking into account the need to save color accuracy and texture display the pictures taken.

plasticine paintings

For high color accuracy, a color calibration target.

colorchecker when taking pictures

Shooting is possible both in the studio (rent is paid separately) and on the customer's territory with the installation of the necessary lighting.

Rent of photo studios is not included in the price.

photography paintings items

* Specify the required output size: in pixels or DPI and centimeters. Shooting for catalogs usually involves printing up to A3 and 300 DPI. Shooting large pictures (A1 and more) for reproduction in full size requires more detail, the cost is calculated individually. 

comparison of the detail quality of a photo of a 100 megapixel picture