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How much does it cost to order a photographer for a wedding in Kiev?

How much does a wedding photographer cost? - the newlyweds certainly face this question, starting to prepare for the wedding day.

It is clear that the question prices for photographer services very important.

The abundance of photographers in Kiev inevitably leads to a significant variation in the quality of work and significant dumping in this market. Therefore, you should not proceed from the premise: the more we save, the better. If you look well, you can find a wedding photographer generally free. Needless to say, what quality of work can be expected from such a shoot ...

What should be included in the price?

There is no clear standard. Each photographer offers a different service. Be sure to clarify what the photographer means by full day... Often, 10 hours of shooting is considered a full day. But during this time there is no way to film the whole wedding. from and to... In the end, you have to pay extra, which means the cost will increase.

Many photographers sell services in bulk. For example, the cost of a full day may include: photo book, author's retouching 50 photos, gift flash drive, 20 printed photos, etc. Do not be tempted by such offers, especially if it is still inexpensive. This will inevitably affect the print quality of the photobook, the author's retouching in fact turns out to be a non-author's filter that will make the plastic skin and kill the texture of the face. It is much better to get just good digital photos than to be led by modern marketing geniuses.

Is it worth saving a lot?

If there is a question of austerity, then it's better to just take a selfie on your phone. Ordering a photographer who bought a budget camera a couple of months ago and decided to conquer the market with dumping prices is not the best choice. Indeed, in this case, there is no question of any quality assurance.

Whether it is worth ordering a photographer for the whole day or not is up to you. You can limit yourself to the most important points: for example, only dues и REGISTRY OFFICE or only wedding и прогулка.

Price or portfolio?

When looking for potential photographers for your celebration, you should first familiarize yourself with portfolio... Some people without viewing portfolio immediately go to the section prices, they see nice looking numbers and immediately call such a photographer. Likewise, someone can book a photographer on the recommendation of other people without seeing his work. This is a big mistake. The portfolio must be seen and evaluated.

What photographer can afford to shoot cheap weddings?

Obviously, this is a person who does not incur large expenses and did not make large investments in photography. To provide cheap low quality wedding photography services, all you need to do is:

  1. A budget SLR camera. You will get more or less clear frames only in sunlight. There is no need to talk about the artistic component. There are limitations both from the side of technology and in the experience of its operation.
  2. Vkontakte status "I accept orders for photo sessions."

At the amateur level - that's why it's cheap. The quality will be appropriate.

Why is a good photographer worth more than a bad one?

Serious work requires significant material and mental investment. It is time and money and effort. So, to provide quality services you need:

  1. Purchase professional equipment. It includes: good camera, high-aperture lenses, external flashes and synchronizers to them, photo umbrellas, reflectors, batteries, rechargeable batteries, etc. All this requires regular updating due to physical wear and tear from active use.
  2. Have a powerful computer for processing photos, a professional monitor, a graphics tablet. The technique quickly becomes outdated and requires upgrades.
  3. To develop skills in working with graphics programs, post-processing experience. Measured in years.
  4. Spend time processing wedding photos. The photographer is with you at the wedding for several hours. This is a work that is visible to everyone. But there is still a lot of time spent processing the footage. It takes days or even weeks.
  5. Allocate an advertising budget (at the minimum, it includes the cost of developing and maintaining the site, as well as the cost of promoting it).
  6. Get at least some profit.

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If you think a little, it turns out that photographs are what will remain forever after the wedding. The lion's share of wedding expenses (restaurant, toastmaster, bouquets, limousine, etc.) are disposable.

Summarizing the above, it becomes obvious that working at a professional level is worth the money. Professional quality cannot be completely inexpensive or cheap, however, in the same way, you can order an overly expensive photographer and not guess. Therefore, the choice must be made independently and carefully.

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