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Photo slideshow creation service from Olegasphoto

What is a slide show? This is a short video (usually up to 3 minutes), which consists of photographs with smooth transitions between them and unobtrusive music. In other words, this is a small film of photographs.

What does it do? In fact, slideshows are the perfect way to view digital photos. A well-made video allows you to view the photos as if you were holding them in your hands. Photos just posted on the site or open on a computer do not give an opportunity to consider all the details so relaxedly and naturally. For example, watch this video:

Manually created slide show (I emphasize this point, since there are automated programs for this, which do not give such an effect) makes it possible to glide over the most interesting places in the photo. In addition, the photographer can thus more fully convey the atmosphere of the picture and his artistic intent. Regular photo viewing is much more boring in this regard.

An important nuance is the soundtrack. Music for the slide show is selected individually for the mood and dynamics of each particular video. Somewhere a romantic calm melody will be appropriate, but somewhere dynamic electronic music is just right.

The slide show as a whole allows the viewer to press the play button and enjoy the result. This is much more convenient and enjoyable than manually viewing photos.

Slideshow creation is especially important for wedding photo sessions... This video will perfectly complement (and maybe replace) a regular wedding video.

Examples of wedding slideshows:

To create a slideshow, I use a professional video editor that allows me to make videos of any complexity and length. Each video is created individually and with a creative approach. This is a big difference from the widely available online services that allow you to make template slide shows with limited capabilities.

The price depends on the number of photos and the package of services you need.