Places for wedding photo sessions. Part two

Continuing this article (Places for wedding walks in Kiev. Part one), I publish this list of places for wedding photo walks in Kiev.

Church of St. Nicholas

This church is famous for being on the water. It is quite small, but next to it you can take pictures, especially since this place offers a beautiful view of the Dnieper.

Church of St. Nicholas on the Water

Near the Church of St. Nicholas (literally 100 meters away) there is an overpass leading to Obolon. Here you can also take interesting photos by going down to the water.

overpass to obolon

Sofievskaya square

This place is uniquely beautiful. Photos both against the background of St. Sophia Cathedral and against the background of the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky will perfectly complement the wedding photo album. Here here you can see examples of such photos. By the way, in 2015, the whole country celebrated the New Year on this square.

sofievskaya square for new year

Mikhailovskaya Square

The place is picturesque, but alas, crowded. The flow of people and cars somewhat interferes with the privacy for a wedding photo shoot. Nevertheless, it is good to shoot group shots with the newlyweds and their guests in the background of the Mikhailovsky Monastery. Unfortunately, filming on the territory of the monastery is prohibited.

Mikhailovskaya square

Landscape Alley

This place is located just near the Mikhailovskaya Square. In 2009, it was updated, after which it acquired original sculptures on the theme of Alice in Wonderland. This place is popular for photo shoots (both weddings and Conventional) due to the joyful atmosphere created by the new sculptural compositions. An excellent view of Vozdvizhenka opens from the Landscape Alley.

landscape alley photo


Park of Eternal Glory

Since Soviet times, this place has been considered a must-see for a wedding walk. However, even today the Park of Eternal Glory has not lost its popularity due to the beautiful view opening onto the left bank. You can take pictures here against the backdrop of the panorama of the left bank of Kiev. There is also a good view of the domes of the Lavra from here.

glory park photos

Mariinsky park

The Mariinsky Park is no less popular. This is a great place to take pictures. It has a vast territory and is well maintained. The disadvantage of conducting wedding photography here is a large number of vacationers, especially on weekends.

Kiev is actually replete with picturesque places for photography... It is difficult to say where is better to be photographed, and where is worse. When choosing a place for a wedding photo shoot, you should first of all start from the convenience for your wedding route. A competent photographer will take good pictures in any park. The main thing is that the newlyweds are comfortable and convenient to move from Registry office to a photo session, and then from a photo session to a restaurant. For example, regarding Central Registry Office, in more detail about photo shoots near him is written in this article.

Place for spring photo shoots in Kiev

In early spring, in March - early April, you have to be selective in choosing a place for a photo shoot on the street. After all, there is still no greenery in parks, bot gardens and other picturesque places for photo shoots in the warm season. Therefore, it is worth choosing places with interesting architectural features and special textures. The Kiev fortress (or the New Pechersk fortress) is well suited for this. Built in 1844, it is the second largest in the world and the largest earth fortress in Europe. Without firing a single shot, she once destroyed half of the city; because of its construction, the residents of the whole area had to be evicted.

It's good to be photographed here as spring, summer and autumn.


The Kiev fortress is notable for the fact that you can spend there photoshoot both in the open space (from above there is an excellent view of the Olympic Stadium), and inside this fortress.

Sample photo session spring.

Also, for this time of year, the locations listed in this stuff.