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Central registry office photo

central registry office photo outside

Tel: (044) 236-00-71, 236-79-81

Address: Prospect Pobedy, 11 (metro Polytechnic Institute)


More photos of the Central Registry Office by link.


More about the Central Registry Office.

It has both disadvantages and advantages.

Advantages of the Central Registry Office:

  • 3 large halls for ceremonies with chairs (the presence of chairs is a big plus). The halls are beautiful and tidy.
  • Large rooms inside the building. This is good if you want many guests to attend the ceremony.
  • The impressive exterior of the building.

Disadvantages of the Central Registry Office:

  • A huge number of people who want to register. You will need to schedule a registration date in advance. Not the fact that your date will be free.
  • Constant queues. On average, the waiting time for the wedding procedure is about an hour. Despite the huge rooms, it can be cramped inside.
  • Soviet entourage of the room.

Where to take pictures near the Central Registry Office?



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