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Color grading and retouching objects - what's the difference?

To obtain a subject photograph of ideal quality, two types of processing are carried out over the image:

  • color correction
  • retouch

Color correction в Lightroom includes calibrating the accuracy of displaying colors in the image, adjusting contrast and sharpness.

Retouch - complex and painstaking work on the details of the image. With its help, flaws in the subject of photography are removed.

subject photo before and after processing

Professional photography displays the smallest details of the subject. This, on the one hand, allows it to be examined in all details, and on the other, it demonstrates flaws that are not striking at first glance. Every photo must be carefully worked to produce a quality promotional image. The complexity of the job depends on:

  • the state of the subject of photography (The less presentable the subject is, the more work needs to be done on it and the more expensive it will be. It should also be noted that even new products often have certain flaws that are clearly visible in the photographs).
  • photo size (Retouching a photo for the Internet will always be easier than retouching a photo for large format printing).

In the next video you can watch how is the complex processing of subject photos:

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An example of complex processing in architectural photography:

photo processing before and after

About the cost of work.

Retouching is a very thorough, lengthy and laborious process. In order to efficiently process one photo, it may take more than one hour (as it was with the photo of the cottage above). Therefore, the cost of work is calculated individually, depending on the quality of the retouched object and the tasks set.

Quality work always costs money.