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Why do you need interior photography?

Interior photography is in great demand in various real estate transactions. This service is especially popular when renting or renting apartments. High-quality presentation of residential real estate significantly increases its value on the market. This function is performed by interior photographs.

interior hallway

How to take high-quality interior photos?

To obtain high-quality images in any genre, professional equipment and experience in this area are required. People who tried to photograph the apartment on their own could see how different amateur photography is from professional photography. Therefore, in order to take good pictures of real estate, professional photographers are invited.

apartment photo

How does the shooting take place?

Depending on the specific object, the optimal time for shooting is selected. Some apartments are best shot with natural light when they are as sunny as possible. Others may look good in the evening with indoor lighting. Sometimes it might make sense to have two photo sessions: one in the evening, the other in the afternoon. Thus, you can show the interior in different lighting conditions, as well as demonstrate a view from the windows of the city at night (if any).

interior photography of an apartment in kiev

Using special ultra-wide-angle lenses, you can create the effect of expanding the space: the volume of the premises will look larger than it actually is. This is also useful when photographing small rooms (such as bathrooms or kitchens). they can be shown entirely in one photo.

Photo shooting on the client's territory takes up to 2 hours on average. Then the photos are carefully processed.

You can order photography of the interior on this website. Portfolio and a more detailed description of the service can be found HERE.