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3 interesting facts about Relic Enertainment

The deafening popularity of G-Shock sports chronometers practically forced Casio Computer Co., Ltd. observe tolerance and start producing a replica for its own legend - Baby-G, which satisfies the need for young women and young ladies to wear a stylish watch accessory, fully justifying the name "Baby". Naturally, this collection also includes teenage unisex models.

watch baby g

The designers of the company perfectly coped with the tasks assigned to them - Baby-G Casio collection not only enjoys well-deserved attention, but also, due to high demand, is constantly updated. Each model is produced in limited quantities, so young women of fashion should not worry - it is almost impossible to meet “their” watches on someone else's hand.


Naturally, this series does not include models packed to the limit with the maximum number of intellectual functions and devices that are difficult to deal with even for experienced men. Baby-G watches will satisfy the fashion needs of Casio watches, and creative design solutions and the main brand standards will complement the modern sports look by 100%. Quickly go through the collection catalog, and you will surely catch yourself thinking that you have liked more than one model.

Square, circle or rectangle?

Arrows or liquid crystal display, or maybe both at the same time? A fabric or polymer strap? The only thing that comes with a set that cannot be refused, and which has become the secret of the success of the Casio watch brand, is samurai quality, a patented shock-resistant design, an incredibly long-lasting battery (up to 3 years) and dust, dirt, and water protection. We advise you to clarify in advance - the model you have chosen can withstand a simple immersion in water or is it able to "dive" to depths? But there will be no problems with impact resistance - the mechanism, glass and polymer case will withstand any shaking, vibration, chips, impacts and falls from a height of up to 10 m.

The standard set of calendar, alarm, stopwatch and display backlight in more expensive models will be slightly diluted with the function of showing the World Time and a countdown timer. For mystically minded individuals, there are Baby-G options with displaying the phases of the moon, and for young naturalists, a thermometer was prudently built in.

Realizing that adolescents and women are quite pretentious and capricious creatures in their choice, we introduced the opportunity to issue a "Gift Certificate" with us. Using this service, you give your beloved girl or woman the opportunity to independently choose a model from more than 200 items on our website