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Pergear 12mm f2.0 wide-angle lens review

So, here I have another interesting lens for mirrorless crop cameras on my review - Fume 12mm f2.0 (Pergear 12mm f2).

Judging by the first frames, he is very much even nothing. I had a similar one before Samyang 12mm f2, which left a very positive impression.

pergear 12mm f2 review

The lens is produced for:

  • sony e-mount,
  • fujifilm xmount,
  • Nikon Z-mount,
  • and under the micra 4/3.

Canon is not there, you are not mistaken.

I will test on my beloved Fujifilm X-S10.


How does this wide-angle lens shoot?

A 12mm focal length on a camera with a crop factor of x1.5 corresponds to an angle of view of 18mm on a full frame and covers approximately 97 degrees.

This lens is suitable only for KROP-cameras.

pergear 12mm f2 sample photo

What does all of this mean? This means you have a great lens for landscape and interiors. It will almost never be cramped with him in the room. The downside is that the optics are not very suitable for photographing people. Unless for group portraits, when you have no way to go further with a standard lens. This lens has a non-standard focal length. I personally like it very much, but it's a matter of taste. It may seem uncomfortable to many. After all, the wider the angle, the more difficult it is to compose the shot.

pergear 12mm f2 sample photo

Optical qualities

If you're looking for a sharp edge-to-edge lens this isn't the model for you. The lens is frankly soapy at an open aperture. Good sharpness comes with a close to f8. To make the edges more or less good, you need to close the aperture to f10. Moreover, I noticed a skew in the field of focus, that is, the lens sometimes behaves like tilt-shift... I will tell you more about this in my video review on Peregar 12mm f2.

If you want a quality wide-angle crop lens, look to the side. Samyang 12mm f2.

Peregard has a 12mm aperture of f2.0.

What does this mean? With such aperture, you will be able to photograph the evening landscape handheld, even without additional stabilization. But I advise you to take a tripod and close the aperture to f8, the result will be better. However, f2.0 is very good for both stills and videos.

No autofocus here

Pergear 12mm f2 - manual lens. You will have to focus with your hands. But don't worry, it's not difficult at such a wide angle. And in good light (like shooting outdoors), you can shoot at hyperfocal all the time and forget about the focus ring altogether. I am very wary of manual optics with focal lengths of 35mm or more. There, focusing manually is really a headache. Focusing will not be a significant problem here, as. you have a wide angle.


This is a very small and, I would say, medium-light lens. It weighs 300 grams and is made of metal and feels good. No-click aperture ring, rotates with pleasant resistance. The same can be said for the focusing ring. The set includes a metal hood that is screwed into a special thread - an unusual solution. Filters with a diameter of 12mm can be installed on Fume 62mm. A similar 12mm Samyang had a filter diameter of 67mm.

My video review of the Pergear 12mm f2.0

Link to buy PERGEAR 12mm F2