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Should you buy products on AliExpress?

aliexpressAliExpress - a well-known international platform for buying all kinds of rubbish from China. Oddly enough, I personally started using this service not so long ago.

Difference between Ebay and AliExpress

I used to buy such things on Ebay, but recently made sure that AliExpress delivers goods significantly faster and practically without delays. Prices for the same goods usually match. But it is better to check both there and there, sometimes it may be cheaper somewhere.

The advantage of Ebay is that you can buy used goods from other people. That is, it is not just a marketplace, but also a flea market. Also, there is more geography of purchases. Plus, in the photography arena, Ebay has the advantage of choosing different lenses that can't be bought on AliExpress. For example, I recently bought an interesting medium format lens there. Mamiya Sekor 80mm f2.8.

Ebay also has an auction system and you can, with luck and the proper skill, buy something quite inexpensively. However, if you buy Chinese little things, then I realized that Ali is more pleasant to deal with.

How to buy on AliExpress?

Shopping on AliExpress is easy. In short - you register, enter your data, attach a card and go shopping.

What's funny is that it is often easier and cheaper to buy something on AliExpress than from us. This is especially true for light filters and various adapters... Some things you can't buy from us at all, like adapter for EF optics to medium format... The main disadvantage is that you have to wait. On average, from 2 weeks to a month.

On my Youtube channel, I specially started the heading “Nishtyachki with Aliexpress“Where I will do reviews of various rubbish that comes to me.

The nuance is that you do not always know what will come to you. Sometimes you get an item that doesn't suit you personally. In theory, you can issue a return. But for small purchases it is unprofitable, because You will need to pay for shipping back, which may be more expensive than the item itself. Therefore, it is useful to take a preliminary look at the reviews and unboxes of such items. For instance, grip for Canon R5 I only picked it up from the third time.

I took an inventory of the small things I bought on Aliexpress and eBay, so I will gradually talk about this and that. Here is the approximate volume of my goodies from AliExpress:

things with aliexpress for the photographer

So, watch my Website и youtube, I will delight subscribers with new reviews and unpacks.