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Canon RP full-frame mirrorless camera review

I am writing this article with some delay, because I filmed a video review of this camera about a year ago. However, I collected even more information and made balanced conclusions about this camera.

My video review:

This video has collected a lot of dislikes. After all, people do not like it when cameras scold. I will say it as it is, to me as an owner Canon EOS - I didn't like the camera. But that doesn't mean that I can't recommend the Canon RP to others.

What's so special about the Canon RP?

The camera is positioned as the most budget-friendly and compact full-frame mirrorless camera. The target audience is amateur photographers who want to try the full frame.

In fact, the camera fully meets these goals. This is an honest full frame with all the ensuing advantages - a three-dimensional image with correct color rendition and wide color gamut. No matter what they say about modern technologies in crop cameras, they cannot be compared with a full frame. Should I go full frame? Read in this article.

Disadvantages of the camera

Cons of Canon RP the fact that the manufacturer deliberately cut a lot of functions there. First of all, this certainly applies to video. There is no working autofocus in 4K, video detail is inferior to Canon R in all modes, a very limited number of shooting modes, a dead battery without the ability to use a battery pack, etc. These things immediately caught my eye. But does everyone need them? Let's just say if you buy a camera to take pictures and sometimes shoot a video for yourself, then the above problems will not be significant. this one good camera for photographer-lover. In fact, this is exactly how the company positions it.

Canon RP advantages

It is a relatively inexpensive modern compact mirrorless camera with a large sensor. Top crop cameras dominate in the $ 1000 segment (Canon 90D, Fuji X-T3) or entry-level full-frame DSLRs like Canon 6D /6D mark II... If you want to focus on photography and your budget is limited to that amount, I would say the Canon RP is ideal. The camera is easy to use and has excellent eye autofocus (AF system from Canon R is no different). The Canon RP is much more comfortable to work with in most situations than the Canon 6D or 6D mark II.

Compared to crops, it produces a better image, so that you are not told about X-trans matrices or bells and whistles in cameras micro 4/3... Large matrix = better photos. We are silent about the video here.

At the same time, Canon RP is a very lightweight and compact camera (the weight of only 440 grams). Only an illiterate choice of optics can break the idyll. If you put the Canon RF 24-105 f4L lens on the Canon RP, you should forget about compactness. You will end up with a heavy and bulky design that greatly outweighs the lens.

What about lenses?

Ideal RP staffs are Canon RF 35mm f1.8 IS Macro STM (305 grams) and Canon RF 24-105mm f4-7.1 IS STM (395 grams). These lenses are compact, lightweight and offer a wide range of shooting possibilities in a wide variety of genres.

As a rule, RF-EF adapters come with Canon R / RP cameras. With it, you can wear ANY EF or EF-S optics to your new mirrorless system. I have about 10 Canon lenses in stock and they work perfectly. I tested even more different models - both native and third-party manufacturers - with autofocus and compatibility everything is perfect. Therefore, you can complement the kit with such compact lenses as Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM, EF 85mm f1.8 USM or whatever you like.

Of course, the line of RF optics already has more than 11 lenses, and in 2020 the lineup will be replenished with more budgetary and compact models. So the choice will be even greater.

Why is Canon R better than RP?

The Canon EOS R meets the needs of demanding photographers and videographers. This camera is on par with the Canon 5D mark IV. But in terms of video, it has even more functionality. I wrote more about the differences between Canon R and 5D mark IV in your review.

When people ask me about a camera for photo and video, I recommend it to everyone. Canon r... Unfortunately, anything in Canon's line of cameras that is cheaper has a nasty downside in terms of video. High-quality detailed FullHD and 4K you will get only on Canon R and 5D mark IV cameras, no options.

When it comes to photography, the Canon RP is inferior in rate of fire, battery life and a bit in general convenience. But again, in terms of photography, you are not losing much by choosing RP instead of R. The difference in the photo is more about functionality than quality. The raw file tests show very slight differences. The RP has a slightly weaker dynamic range, but in real life you will barely notice it. She takes great pictures, you need to think more about lighting, compositions, working with the model, etc.

Date of writing: June 2020