Cost individual consultation for photographers/videographers $50 (1 hour) . More details - depends on the information you are interested in.

Due to the large number of incoming requests to advise a lens / camera or tell me how to shoot better, I remind you that I have a service workshops on photography.

If your lens is buzzing, the camera is buzzing, the aperture does not open properly, etc., please contact service. I can't help you in this situation.

Let me remind you of myself. I am primarily a practicing photographer and videographer. Therefore, my opinion is somewhat different from what bloggers and reviewers who have no practical experience in photography or video filming say. I will be happy to tell you about the practice of working in our realities, as well as help you save money and choose the best equipment option for your purposes.

Consultations (as well as filming) can be carried out in Russian, English or German.

Also possible posting your articles on the website (1 advertising article = $50). 1 link to the article, the text is yours. Accommodation forever. I don't post banners.