photo of an office building

Architectural photography of residential complex Slavutich

Filming of the building in the residential complex Slavutich from a quadrocopter and from the ground. The task is to demonstrate the location of the office space and the proximity to the metro.

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photography from a quadrocopter in kiev

Photographing from a quadrocopter of a business center in Kiev

Photos from a quadrocopter of the Lagoda business center.

For shooting, on average, about 15-20 photos are obtained. Flight time is 20 minutes. For a general photograph of the entire complex, it was necessary to rise 300 meters above the ground. The average flight altitude for these photos is 50-100 meters.

Aerial photographs are great for selling / renting houses, business centers, cottages and other real estate objects. Also on this site you can order interior photography.

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