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What to buy - Fujifilm X-T4 or X-T3


In April 2020, Fujifilm released an update to its flagship crop mirrorless camera lineup - Fujifilm X T4... And now, recently (November 2020), I had the opportunity to test this camera and compare with my Fujifilm X T3... To be honest, I'm not impressed at all.

From my point of view, this camera has 2 chips that set it apart from its predecessor: a rotatable screen, matrix stabilization, and 240fps video. Matrix stabilization works so-so - you can tell in the video that it is not. And 240fps is comparable in quality to 240fps on my old GoproHero 4 Black - very weak. But 120fps is good - the same as on the X-T3. But the camera has become larger, heavier and more expensive.

In general, I think it's not worth the candle. Photo and video quality is virtually identical to the previous model. And the new firmware on the X-T3 has equalized these models in terms of autofocus speed and accuracy.

For more details, see my video:

Thanks for the opportunity to test the X-T4 store ABC-photo.