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Grill: gas or coal

The time has come and you have decided to buy a new grill to prepare your barbecue. We went to a store with a huge selection of models and got confused. What size of grill do you need, by what parameters to choose a reliable and simple grill, and most importantly, which is better - a charcoal or gas grill?

How did we cook before?

The most widespread in Soviet times was "brazier". Almost any device for cooking meat was called brazier, but more often it was a metal box with legs, on the bottom of which coal was laid, and on the side walls of a skewer with meat strung on them. Most often, they used folding disposable tourist barbecues, which quickly burned out.


Today there are three types of grills on sale:

  • charcoal grills,
  • gas grills
  • and electric grills.

It should be noted right away that electric grills are recommended for indoor use. Of course, they are very simple to use, but the taste and aroma of cooking on a charcoal or gas grill is difficult to achieve. Premium brand grills can be purchased from the official distributor of Char-Broil, Kamado Joe, Oklahoma Joe's on the website It is easy to buy a grill in Kiev, but it is not easy to find high-quality units for a delicious barbecue.

Which grill should you choose?

There are several factors that will help you decide whether to buy a charcoal grill or a gas grill? For the most part, this applies to your lifestyle. Some people enjoy the process of lighting the fire and caring for the charcoal during the cooking period. Others prefer convenience: turn on the gas grill and start cooking almost immediately. Some people think that charcoal grilled food tastes better or more natural than gas grilled food. Gas grills are light and easy to use, but tend to be more expensive and not available in all outlets. Also, do not forget that when cooking on a gas grill, you should have a filled gas cylinder at hand, and for a charcoal grill - wood or coals.

grillCooking on a charcoal grill requires certain skills - from lighting a fire, monitoring the condition of the coals, and even cleaning the grill from ash. Some people enjoy it and consider it part of the barbecue process. In addition, what could be more natural than food cooked on wood or coal.

Gas grill is convenient... Pushed a button or struck a match and the fire burns. Studies have shown that there is no fundamental difference between the taste of a gas cooked versus a charcoal one.

Here are some parameters to help you decide between a charcoal grill and a gas grill:

  • You like to know that you can start cooking at any time, and this does not require any preliminary preparations. If this is very important, then a gas grill is undoubtedly necessary.
  • Is it important for you to control the temperature inside the grill during barbecue? On a charcoal grill, you can adjust the temperature by adjusting the air vents or by changing the height of the grill, but in any case, you cannot achieve much accuracy. With a gas grill, the adjustment is more precise and convenient.

What is more important for you: simplicity and convenience when using the grill or you like the taste of meat cooked on charcoal - it is, of course, up to you to decide.