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How a man looks good in a photo

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Most magazines provide a ton of in-depth advice on how to get ready for a photo studio. But the bulk of these tips are of the "female" category. And what should men do to look good in the photo?

Here are some guidelines from professional photographer about what to do for the stronger sex when going to a photo studio.

Obviously, the face should be clean-shaven. But this should be done not right before the shooting, but in advance, so that the skin has time to calm down and traces of irritation are not visible on it. Some imperfections of the skin can then be retouched for an additional fee, but not regrown stubble.

If you have sensitive eyes, you can use pharmacy eye drops with a moisturizing and whitening effect.

For those who wear glasses and want to stay in them in the photo, photographers recommend resorting to a little trick - to grab a frame without lenses for a photo session. The fact is that glasses in photographs give glare that practically cannot be retouched. Well, the lenses themselves can give the effect of optical distortion. Another option for solving the problem is special anti-glare glasses. But they are more suitable for those who often get into camera lenses. If going to a photo studio is not a frequent adventure for you, then a frame without lenses is a great option.

Pay attention to your hands. If a man's manicure and nail polish doesn't match your idea of ​​beauty, your hands should still look neat and well-groomed.

Do not be lazy to iron the clothes in which you will photo studios... What in life looks like "almost not wrinkled" will go into the category of "just (and sometimes -" strongly ") wrinkled" in the photo. Pay attention to the elastic of socks, belts, watch straps - all this should not sit too tight and leave marks on the skin, especially if they will be visible when changing clothes during shooting in a photo studio.

Do not try to dress too solemnly and “smartly” for a photo session, for example, in a suit, unless circumstances require it. The main criterion is that you should feel relaxed, and smart clothes, as a rule, are embarrassing. This is especially true for men.

Photos can reflect your hobbies and ways of expressing yourself. For example, you can bring sports equipment or musical instruments to a photo studio.

If, despite all the preparation, the feeling of confidence in front of the lens still does not come, invite a "support group" with you. You can take a few test shots with friends, and then move on to the solo part. It is liberating.