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How to prepare the interior for photography?

studio apartment interior

To make an apartment, office or other room look like a photo ideally, it needs to be prepared.

What is meant by this?

Some things will be obvious, and some people are often overlooked. I will try to make a list as detailed as possible, depending on where and why the photos are taken.

Apartments for rent / sale

interior photography for magazines

  • General cleaning of the premises from dirt and dust.
  • We wipe the mirrors and windows from stains (especially in the bathroom).
  • We remove / hide personal items as much as possible (toothbrushes, children's toys, clothes, dishes, etc.).
  • We check the work of all bulbs. Very often it turns out that one or two lamps on the ceiling do not work - this will be seen in the photo.
  • Bed linen should be ironed or bedspreads should be.
  • Furniture should be in place.
  • In addition, you can buy flowers for the table in the living room / kitchen. This somewhat enlivens the room.

Office rooms

interior photography with accents

Items about general cleaning and work lights are also relevant here.

The typical complexity of office photography is workplaces... Very often they are littered with personal belongings and other items. They need to be removed.

Also problematic are wires from computers... If possible, they should be hidden.

Photography for interior designers

interior photo for interior designers

Photos of interiors for designers are distinguished by the greatest attention to small details. With such shooting, accents are placed more on certain areas in the room than on its layout.

Based on this, it is better to prepare the arrangement of all objects and furniture in the room exactly in the form in which you want to see them.

In general,

I approach my work very carefully and pay attention to all the details. This is the only way to get professional photos. I am writing this article to optimize our collaboration and guarantee the highest quality result.