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How to take high quality street photos using your smartphone?

Street photography Is an area that is gaining more and more followers. Because we don't need a professional camera for this. The device that we always have in our pocket will be enough. Pay attention to a few nuances, and your photos will turn out much better.

iPhone SE 2020 Black 64 GbTop smartphones like iPhone SE 2020 Black 64 Gbare becoming more and more popular as a device for taking photos - not only among amateurs, but also professionals.

Moreover, photos taken with smartphones can be edited directly in the device. There are many special applications for this. Why not take your smartphone on a trip to chase good shots?

  • The best camera is the one in your pocket

The above saying comes up almost always when we talk about taking pictures with smartphones. These are the words Chase Jarvis said about the iPhone 3G and he was right. We always have smartphones with us, we don't need to focus much on setting up, screwing on lenses, and, above all, we don't need to buy additional equipment.

  • You can go unnoticed

Nobody would mistake a person with a smartphone for a serious photographer. This allows you to go to many places and take quick photos, even from cover. This would not be possible with a large camera.

A smartphone can be a powerful tool in the hands of a photographer who knows what they want.

Clear lens

This is natural, as the smartphone gets dirty in the pocket and during use. Wipe the lens with a cloth or T-shirt before taking pictures. Develop this habit in yourself.

Follow your fingers

When cropping a photo, when you hold your smartphone horizontally, it's easy to capture your finger in the field of view. Smartphones come with wide-angle lenses that cover the terrain to a great extent.

Protect your smartphone

It's not about setting passwords and codes, but about protecting your device from accident. If you know you will be photographing a lot, equip the device with a special mount that will prevent it from falling. When you are in a crowd of people, it is very easy to trip over and get hold of a pile of glass and metal instead of an expensive smartphone.

Turn on airplane mode

Airplane mode will allow you not to be distracted by incoming messages, and no one will be able to call you. At the same time, you won't be tempted to go straight to Instagram and check out your friends' new posts. This way, you will focus on your photography.

Another benefit of Airplane Mode is that the battery will last a little longer without continuously collecting signal and data.

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Learn to work with a lens and avoid digital zoom

Most smartphones have wide-angle lenses that you need to do a bit of work with to figure out what's in the frame. It's a matter of experience - just a few days and you'll definitely get a feel for the scene better.

In contrast, digital zoom expands the image and thus degrades its quality. If your smartphone does not allow optical zoom, this is the best way to get a few steps closer to the subject of your photo.

Use additional applications

In advanced smartphones, photography apps do a lot. It is worth looking at the programs available for your device and playing with them a little. Some of them allow you to manually adjust the exposure, while others allow you to save images as RAW files, which can later be processed almost losslessly.

Pay attention to the exposure

Even with the default photography apps on your smartphone, you can play with the exposure. When you touch the smartphone screen, a slider with + and - symbols may appear. If you know you will need to save the photo in post production, it is best to do so on an underexposed image. In case the photo is completely burned out, you will lose detail, and unsightly spots will appear in this place.

Use device size

Smartphones are much smaller than professional cameras. This will allow you to easily swing your hand over the railing or take a photo from an interesting angle. Play with what miniature equipment gives you.