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Who can consider themselves a professional photographer?

Question what is a professional photographer? both philosophical and very practical. In this article, I want to look from a subjective point of view. That is, when can a person call himself a professional photographer?

Just by photographers all who have cameras call themselves. It does not matter when the equipment was purchased and whether the instructions for it were read. If you have a camera, then you already have a photographer and take orders. Although I would distinguish between the concepts of "photographer" and "man with a camera."

professional photographer

Let's go further. Who can call himself a professional photographer? It is customary for us to associate the words "professional" and "quality". Although they are not identical. Someone might think that if he shoots well, then he is professional. The big catch is what to count good? Are sunsets over the Kiev sea good? The girl likes her portraits for fifty dollars? Or maybe the person participated / won photography contests? None of the above applies to professional photography.

Who really is a professional photographer?

Root of the word professional comes from the word profession... That is, it is an income-generating activity. Respectively, professional photographer - a person who makes money exclusively or mainly from photography. The following important features already follow from this.

The most important feature of professional work is Liability... This concept is very multifaceted. The very first meaning of this word in relation to the work of a photographer is responsibility for the result... A professional photographer is not a creator in an astral flight, who sees one thing in a photo today, and another tomorrow. This is a person who guarantees his clients the quality of work that matches his portfolio. The client who pays money must be sure that he will receive exactly what he sees on the photographer's website. This is especially true for areas such as subject or interior photography... Responsibility is also manifested in the approach to the execution of the order (shooting time, material delivery time).

Besides responsibility, a good professional the photographer invests a lot... This applies to both good technology and investment in advertising and Advancement... If a person does not consider it necessary to purchase a high-quality camera with normal lens, but already requires payment for what he removes, this is wrong. Photography is a type of activity that is highly dependent on technical equipment. Whatever the appearances about cooks and pots, without good technology, you cannot get high-quality images that meet modern quality criteria.

Promotion of a photographer's services also requires a lot of time and financial investment. This, of course, applies to those who work directly with clients. Can make money on stocks and do not constantly spend money on maintaining and promoting your own website.


One way or another, a professional is not a person who shoots in the "artist sees this way" style and gives photographs when Mars enters the second house of the third cycle of Venus. This is a person who spends a lot of time on improving the quality of a portfolio, worries about his reputation and constantly works to promote services in such ultra-competitive environment, like photography in Kiev.