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Furniture for the nursery: types, characteristics, recommendations for choosing

When furnishing a children's room, parents try to create a comfortable and cozy environment for their child. The right choice of furniture is of great importance: it should not only be of high quality and comfortable, but also safe for health.

What should you pay attention to when planning to buy children's furniture?

First of all, the child's room should have everything that he needs by age. If a crib and a changing chest of drawers are enough for a baby under one year old, then already at the age of three to five years, the child needs not only children's beds from 3 years, but also a table with a chair for drawing, modeling and other types of creativity, a curbstone or a low rack for toys. The room of a teenage schoolchild should have an equipped workplace (computer desk and chair) and a sufficiently spacious cabinet for storing personal belongings from the Matrason brand.

Children's furniture is most often sold as separate items (modules), but in some cases - for example, when two children live in a room - it is easier to buy furniture for a nursery in the form of a headset. Such a set may include a loft bed (combined with a wardrobe, a workplace) or a bunk bed; in small children's rooms, transformer beds (lifting or folding) are sometimes used, but such a bed, as a rule, has to be made to order.

As for materials, furniture for a nursery can be made of natural wood, laminated chipboard, MDF, plywood with a decorative protective coating. Children's furniture made of solid wood is the most environmentally friendly (especially if no paints and varnishes were used for its processing), therefore, the first baby's bed should be wooden. At the same time, laminated chipboard and MDF can also be harmless - if they contain a minimum amount of formaldehyde, which should be reflected in the corresponding certificates. It is very important that children's furniture is stable (preferably a basement - such a chest of drawers, wardrobe or curbstone is almost impossible to overturn), without unnecessary glass parts (shelves, doors) and strongly protruding or sharp handles.

Finally, if there is free space, the nursery situation should be supplemented with upholstered furniture - a sofa (ordinary, folding or modular), poufs. Recently, chairs of an unusual shape have become popular - in the form of a pear, a ball, a flower, a puzzle or a constructor consisting of several elements. Such furniture - light, injury-free, bright and pleasant to the touch - makes the nursery more comfortable and, at the same time, is great for different games.