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What shouldn't you save on at a wedding?

What do we usually mean by wedding? For starters, a wedding is a lot of preparatory chores that can be both enjoyable and cumbersome. Organizational issues concerning the choice of a wedding dress, rings, bouquet, gifts, invitations can take a lot of time and money. But that's not all. You still have to choose a restaurant, toastmaster, car (or limousine), photographer and videographer. All this is for the sake of this solemn day to pass in an excellent festive mood and leave behind warm and joyful memories.

It is clear that on the wedding day you want everything to be at the highest level. Everything depends only on the overall budget. There are things on which you can save money, but there are things where saving is extremely undesirable. What is definitely not worth saving on is wedding photo и filming.

The purpose of wedding photography and filming is to capture and reproduce the picture and atmosphere of a significant day. We cannot keep in memory all the nuances and moments of this wonderful event all our lives. Photos and video materials come to the rescue. It is a great pleasure for the whole family after many years to mentally go back to this day!

Why not save on the photographer? After all, there are many proposals for shooting the entire wedding day for very little money. Finding an inexpensive or even cheap wedding photographer in Kiev is not a problem today. You can compare prices online and find the cheapest offer in 15-30 minutes. But it is strongly discouraged to select a photographer based solely on price. Such savings will come out sideways later. In this case, the expression “a miser pays twice” is relevant. An inexpensive photographer will unpleasantly upset you with dark and blurry pictures. He can miss a lot of moments - both due to lack of experience and due to weak technology, which does not allow him to work quickly on such a dynamic event as a wedding.

Therefore, in order not to spoil your mood with low-quality photographs, the choice of a photographer must be approached responsibly and with the understanding that good work cannot be completely cheap.

Real life story:

“Unfortunately, we saved on the photographer. And then ... how ... we were not going to save on it, just a friend slipped us her "superphoto" sister for a small reward. The girl really wanted to make some money. Well, I think it's great). And for the price it is sooo cheap, and we will help the girl, and the photo was looked at by this photographer beforehand - she liked it.

Outcome: I cried…. when I later looked at wedding photos…. tears flowed. On a soap dish, cheap photos are better.

Conclusion: a professional should take pictures, even if it is expensive, but a professional. No familiarity options…. sister's sister and neighbor's uncle. "

Professional wedding photographer Is a specialist in his field. He will accompany you during the holiday and with the help of his photographs will create the history of the whole celebration.

Work is equally important videographer... The photo does not show all the movements of the young people during the wedding dance, you can not hear how the newlyweds say the secret "yes" in Registry office... For this there is video filming.

You can also save on photography and video shooting: it is better to order shooting for 4-5 hours from a good photographer than a whole day from a cheap one. What's better than 300 great shots or 1500 low-quality shots? The answer is obvious. This is an area where quality is more important than quantity. Even if a few hours cost more than a whole day, you will be pleasantly surprised by the result and it will be worth it.

A wedding photo is a memory for many years, it is your story and warm memories. Let them be the best!