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Review of the design of a small apartment with photo wallpaper on the ceiling

By choosing the right wallpaper for the ceiling, paying attention to their color and pattern, you can get an interesting finish and correct room imperfections. 3D photomurals expanding the space able to make the room brighter, raise ceilings or visually enlarge the space. They are bought in the bathroom, bedroom and even the kitchen, which is explained by decent characteristics.


Ceiling photowall-paper catalog - selection criteria

When choosing a finishing material for renovation in an apartment, it is recommended to pay attention to the material:

  • Paper murals are made of high density paper, which is laminated with a special film with a matte or glossy effect. Paper models are distinguished by a large selection of images, high-quality color reproduction and a low price.
  • Non-woven photowall-paper is a high-quality material with decent performance characteristics. It has a high strength, moisture resistance and resistance to various influences. Due to these characteristics, such wallpapers are used in rooms with a high humidity indicator: in the kitchen or in the bathroom.
  • Vinyl photowall-paper - the structure consists of 2 layers: polyvinyl chloride and interlining. For flat ceilings, flat vinyl is suitable to hide minor irregularities, wallpaper with foam without embossing is recommended. There are hot stamping canvases that imitate natural materials.

According to the type of surface, photowall-paper is of two types: glossy and matte. Buy photomurals for the ceiling of a glossy type is recommended for a room with a minimum amount of light that needs an additional reflective surface. If there is no need for glare, a matte canvas will do. There are luminous wallpapers covered with special paint. When light hits, the surface starts to glow. This technology is especially relevant in the production of models depicting space or the starry sky.

Photo wallpaper for the ceiling - design and color solutions


Wall murals are distinguished by fashionable patterns and various effects. When choosing a color and a picture, the buyer needs to take into account the height of the ceilings, the level of lighting in the room and the area. For a small apartment and visual expansion of the space, such popular plots are suitable:

  • Sky with clouds or stars - the canvas is distinguished by calm shades, it can be used in different rooms.
  • Space landscapes - complemented by a 3D effect and lighting.
  • Flower arrangements - effectively decorate a room, often used to decorate a bedroom.
  • Abstraction - fits perfectly into the modern interior of the room. XNUMXD images can dramatically change the look of a room.
  • Geographic maps - a canvas with maps of countries or cities is great for children's rooms.



In living rooms, memorable photo wallpapers are often used: murals, abstract drawings or models with a 3D effect. For the bedroom, calm, pastel colors and simple drawings are suitable: flower arrangements, cosmic, heavenly images. For the kitchen and bathroom, they choose abstractions or space, the main thing is that the canvas is moisture resistant.

How to buy photomurals for the ceiling

The online store "ABC Decor" offers a large selection of photo wallpapers suitable for small apartments and other premises. You can order wall murals for the ceiling in Ukraine with delivery to any city: Kiev, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkov, Zaporozhye. The price is indicated in the price list, it will delight you with its availability.

To buy ceiling photowall-paper, the client needs to use the virtual form of the site, order a call back or call the indicated numbers.