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Overview of photo studios in Kiev

In this list, I will describe the studios that I recommend to choose and which I have personally visited. First of all, I pay attention to:

  • studio arrangement
  • location of the studio

The location of the studio is important. After all, not everyone can be comfortable traveling to the other end of the city.   Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from in Kiev. Almost all studios in Kiev offer very good interiors. The only question is the location and the cost of rent.

I recommend a look catalog of photo studios, where more than 200 rooms for photo shooting in Kiev are collected, all information is kept up to date and you can use filters to sort the studios by style, interior, background, price.

Photo studio Carpe Diem

photo studio carpe diem

photo studio carpediemLocation: st. Silky 36/7

The studio consists of 2 cozy interior rooms. There is light for both photo and video shooting. It is located in the center of Kiev not far from the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center. Opened recently, I recommend it. Instagram: carpe_diem_foto

Photo studio DREAMSTUDIO

dreamstudio Kiev

Address: Railway highway 2a

The studio consists of one spacious hall with a lot of decorations, interior zones and a cyclorama. There are also backgrounds. There are both pulsed and continuous light. A very versatile studio for a wide range of tasks. The staff is friendly and ready to help you. Located near Lybidskaya metro station.

An example of a photo session in this studio

Photo studio GTST


Address: Goloseevsky prospect, 6 office. 302 (3rd floor)

Background photography studio with a large number of light sources and a lot of attachments to them. Not all studios can boast of this. Especially interesting for fashion photographers and subject photographers. Light is both pulsed and constant. Without windows, which is only a plus for professional work. Near the metro station Demievskaya.



Address: Solomenskaya street 3, office 927

A photo studio with constant light sources, of which there are as many as 7. Ideal for video shooting of various directions, however, it is also suitable for photography. The interior is austere, more designed for a business audience.

An example of my work in this studio.

photo studio f-star

photo studio f star kievLocation: Boryspilska st., 9, building 57, 7th floor

A very interesting photo studio. It has a large area divided into several photo zones. There are also white and black cycloramas. Located near Darnitsa registry office.

An example of a photo session.

photo studio quarter

studio quarter photo

Location: Blvd. Ivana Lepse, 4, office 605

Inside, the studio is very happy. Cozy, versatile. And in one of the 2 halls there is motorcycle for photo shoots. There are also studios nearby: COLORS, XXL-studio.

Sample photo session.


photo studio pandora

Location: VDNKh

A very interesting studio in terms of interiors. In addition to various textures, there are also enough props. There are many interior rooms. We used to be near the Pecherskaya metro station, now we have moved to VDNKh.

Sample photo session. Still one example.



xxl photostudio

Location: Boulevard I. Lepse 8 (borschagovka)

8 spacious rooms. The theme of the halls is mainly for female portraits, family photo sessions. Except for the shop hall with a motorcycle, chains and a factory-style entourage. The location is inconvenient.

Sample photo session.

photo studio xxl


Location: Boulevard I. Lepse 8 colors studio hall veranda

Colors studio is located in the same building as XXL. There are 3 cozy and spacious rooms for romantic photo sessions. Shoot well: weddings, love stories, family photos.

Sample photo session.


studio elephant

Location: st. Solomenskaya 5

Cozy and compact studio. Much more modest than the previous ones. At the disposal of one room with a variety of textures (4 renewable interior zones). The finishes are of high quality and tasteful. I am glad that the scenery changes frequently.

Sample photo session... And one more example - backstage video.

elegant studio

photography studio yellow rabbit
Location: blvd. Supreme Soviet, 34 (10 minutes from the metro station "Chernigovskaya")This studio is well suited for family photo shoots / Love story. The interior is generally simple and homely. Suitable for a family photo shoot or love story... There are several thematic areas. jeltiy krolik
photo studio provence

Location: Kazatskaya 122
Located near the metro station "Vasilkovskaya". There are 2 rooms with nice interiors.
Sample photo session.

photo studio provence


photo studio happiness

Location: Tashkent, 60studio s4aste (2 of 2)

Located 10 minutes walk from Boryspilska metro station. Consists of one huge hall with a large number of interior areas.

Sample photo session + video

PS I am writing about the number of rooms in studios based on the state at the time of this writing. Over time, the number of rooms, as well as their interiors, can change. Also see the article “photo studios for a business portrait«.

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