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Pergear 35mm f1.2 review for crop mirrorless cameras

pergear 35 f1.2

Pergear 35mm f1.2 Is a fast non-autofocus (manual) lens for mirrorless cameras with crop sensors.

I'll get down to business right away, optically it is a very compromise. On bpergear 35 f1.2At close focusing distances, the detail is mediocre. When focusing at infinity, you can get good sharpness, but the result is unstable. Some shots are sharp, some are not. Moreover, it's not about manual focusing. The quality of the optical system is questionable. Nevertheless, despite all this, the lens may be of interest to enthusiasts of interesting bikes. The background blur is nice and soft.

Examples of bikes on Pergear 35mm f1.2:


A panorama stitched from 7 frames shot on Fujifilm X-S10 + Pergear 35mm f1.2:

pergear 35mm f1.2 panorama

The lens has an aperture of f1.2, and I personally noticed that it gives a stronger blur compared to ttartisan 35mm f1.4.

pergear vs ttartisan

The lens from ttartisan is of higher quality optically and gives a predictable result. You can close it down to f5.6 and get very good sharpness. The same cannot be said about the analog from Pergear. However, I liked the bokeh in difficult conditions better on the Pergear 35mm f1.2.

The verdict is this: a lens for creative photography, not for viewing pixels.

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For more details, see my video review: