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Pros and cons of mesotherapy

In face mesotherapy, the vitamin complex is delivered into the skin by injections. Also, the procedure allows you to minimize or completely eliminate such imperfections as wrinkles, dark circles, dry skin, age spots. Receiving amino acids and vitamins, the skin produces elastin and collagen, which help to activate the process of blood microcirculation.

The procedure can be carried out in manual and hardware mode. Everywhere there are nuances: the hardware is considered less painful, and the manual one is distinguished by the most accurate hitting the target. Buy cosmetology apparatus for such a procedure, you can in the store

The selection of drugs is carried out on an individual basis, taking into account the type of skin, age, sensitivity to medications. Basically, a healthy cocktail includes hyaluronic acid, a group of vitamins and minerals, phospholipids, collagen and elastin, glycolic acid. But variations in composition may be different even for the same patient.

Disadvantages and advantages

Among the advantages of this method, it is worth noting:

1. The ability to apply at any age.
2. Safety of injections.
3. Eliminates many disadvantages: rosacea, evens skin color, removes acne and seborrhea.
4. At the same time, it has a lifting effect.
5. Reduces the visibility of scars, stretch marks, cellulite mesh.
6. Has a long lasting effect.
7. Combines with other techniques in cosmetology.

There are also disadvantages:

• After a couple of days of sessions, small papules from injections can be observed on the skin;
• Small hemorrhages may appear on sensitive skin;
• Sometimes an allergic reaction appears;
• There are certain contraindications to the procedure: pregnancy and lactation period, exacerbation of chronic diseases, including viruses;

The essence of the

The procedures are preceded by a visit to an experienced specialist. It is the cosmetologist who gives recommendations on the choice of method, the composition of the cocktail and the number of sessions. This method does not have its own specific seasonality.

Meso-cocktails are injected subcutaneously with thin needles manually or with a special gun. Areas of sensitive skin are handled strictly by hand.

Before carrying out all the manipulations, an anesthetic is applied to the skin, and the patient does not feel pain. After the skin is cleansed, injections are injected. There are many injections in one session, so the duration of the procedure is at least 25 minutes.
After that, the beautician applies a soothing mask. The procedure is complete. The rehabilitation process goes quickly, but you cannot use cosmetics, sunbathe, visit the sauna and bathhouse for some time.

Sessions for the introduction of injections should be carried out only in the presence of a competent specialist in an equipped beauty parlor. The number of procedures depends on many factors and varies from 5 to 12 sessions. The frequency of injection is from 6 months to a year.