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Why are interior and product photography paid by the number of photos?

The calculation of payment for various services of a photographer differs due to their specifics. The standard form of calculating the cost for a reportage or wedding photography - hourly.

Why the cost of interior and product photography Is it calculated based on the number of finished photos, and not the time spent on shooting them?

RџSЂRё reportage work, the number of hours that the photographer spends at the shooting location is directly proportional to the number of photos he will give to the client. Moreover, it is not so much about the number of photos as about capturing certain events, scheduled in time. That is, the amount of work of the photographer is directly set by the client based on the time frame. Therefore, hourly wages are adequate in this case.

When ordering interior photography, the client needs the result from the photographer in the form of high-quality photographs. How long the photographer spends on site to shoot the source material is not important to the client. One photographer can shoot for an hour, another for half a day and take the worst photos. Here play a role the experience of the photographer, his equipment, the ability to work with geometry and other subtle nuancesnot typical for the reportage. Yes and processing time there are much more interior photos than for reportage material.

An example of processing interior photos BEFORE and AFTER:

In case of subject shooting not only the number of photos is taken into account, but primarily the nature of the object being shot and the requirements for photographs. So, for example, shooting jewelry is much more expensive. clothes photos or shoes.

interior photography of an apartmentAnyway, the client pays for the result, not for the process... In the case of a reportage, the result directly depends on the number of hours spent by the photographer at the event. When it comes to staging work with inanimate objects, everything depends entirely on the photographer. If, say, product photography were paid by the hour, some photographers would simply deliberately take the time to add value to their services. But this is wrong, because payment should be made for the result. Therefore, there are various forms of charging the services of a professional photographer.