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Choosing a printer for printing photos

In office spaces or families, it is often necessary to print high quality documents or photos. In this case, there is a solution - this is the purchase of a special printer that can print quickly and with high quality. But the most popular printers are considered to be the laser and inkjet versions, which are widespread in office spaces or families.

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Best choice for photo printing

For most families who need to constantly collect extremely high quality photos in their own album, it is better to choose only inkjet printers... They are able to work confidently with both four and six ink colors. Six-color printers a priori guarantee high quality photos with extremely natural colors and a high level of contrast. But you have to print on special photographic paper. You can buy a printer that can work in four colors, but this equipment costs a minimum of money and you can use cheap thin plain paper to print photos. But in this case, forget about the optimal quality of photo printing. If you want high quality prints of your photos, you need a printer with a lot of color cartridges, as well as the appropriate photo paper for printing photos.

The best choice for the office

For office needs it is much better to choose only laser printers that can easily support monochrome printing technology - black and white copies of extremely high quality documents will come out of the equipment at an extremely high speed - at least 12 copies per minute. The laser pre-scans the original document and then, using a magnetic drum, the toner is distributed on the paper in certain places, and then all the powder is instantly subjected to thermal treatment. There is a small drawback in this fact, since such equipment begins to work with great efficiency only after thorough warming up. But as soon as the stove in such a printer warms up to the required temperatures, the printer begins to work with great performance. When choosing such equipment, it is also important to look at the technical side of such equipment - the processor and the power supply. The best models of such equipment have a fairly productive processor with a frequency of up to 1 GHz, while the RAM in such systems can reach all 512 MB, which will allow the technician to first "swallow" the entire file and then print in a page cycle.

The disadvantage is relatively weak power supplies that can fail during a power surge. But if you buy a special type of UPS for this printer, then the power supply of the printer will be able to work with proper stability. It would be quite a reasonable decision to purchase a powerful UPS that supports a passive type of technology. But UPSs operating on a linear-interactive cycle are also considered a good solution, since they are also equipped with a voltage stabilizer. Due to the fact that the power consumption of a power supply unit for laser printers reaches all 650 W, the purchase of a profile UPS will be a priori the best solution.