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Reportage photography

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I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the portfolio in the direction of reportage photography.

Filming of corporate events, conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and other events is carried out.

Examples of reportage photos from various events:


More examples of photo reports 

Reportage photography includes filming: seminars, conferences, corporate events, birthdays and other events. Photography services are provided concerts, parties, weddings and other events with the use of professional photographic equipment, which allows you to capture the event with high quality and fully convey the atmosphere.

Reportage photography is different in that the photographer at a corporate party or holiday cannot interfere with what is happening. It should be invisible and, at the same time, be present everywhere and at once. In addition, the reportage is always dynamic and requires a lightning-fast reaction from the photographer. Photographing of corporate events, conferences, holidays, in general reportage photography, is the coverage of intense and fast-paced events. The purpose of such work is to comprehensively cover the event / event and accurately document it.

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