Interior and architectural photography

Interior photography from Olegasphoto will allow you to get premium quality photos that create the best impression.

The cost of interior photography


  • Minimum (15 photos with processing) = UAH 3000 *
  • Standard (25 photos with processing) = UAH 4000 *
  • Business (50 photos with processing) = UAH 7500 *

Additional photos - 150 UAH / piece.

*Cost for 1 object. Source codes are not given away.

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Also possible shooting from a quadcopter.

Real estate photography and interior photography in Kiev are in demand both among realtors, brokers, designers, architects, and among owners who need professional photos to advertise existing real estate objects.

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Interior photography

The price of interior photography in Kiev depends on the total number of photos and the requirements for them.

All images are processed (including color correction and light retouching).Canon EF 14mm f2.8L ii

For a complete coverage of rooms, as well as a visual increase in the space of rooms, among other things, it is used professional lens with a viewing angle of more than 120 degrees, allowing you to shoot in tight spaces (closets, bathrooms, small kitchens, etc.).

Professional photographs of apartments can be successfully used on real estate websites, message boards, catalogs,, etc. Photo sessions for catalogs and interior design contests.

Provided service for video filming of apartments and other real estate

It is possible to create 3D tours from 360-degree spherical panoramic photos.

Shooting cost: 500 UAH / 1 panorama

Creation of a 3D tour and software configuration are paid separately.

Interior photography and architectural photography go hand in hand. It is important for a photographer not only to show the uniqueness and all the advantages of this or that interior, but also to give the viewer the feeling of being present in the property offered through professional photography.

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Interview about hotel interior photography

corporate photographer Kiev

Reportage photography

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the portfolio in the direction of reportage photography.

Filming of corporate events, conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and other events is carried out.

Examples of reportage photos from various events:


More examples of photo reports 

Reportage photography includes filming: seminars, conferences, corporate events, birthdays and other events. Photography services are provided concerts, parties, weddings and other events with the use of professional photographic equipment, which allows you to capture the event with high quality and fully convey the atmosphere.

Reportage photography is different in that the photographer at a corporate party or holiday cannot interfere with what is happening. It should be invisible and, at the same time, be present everywhere and at once. In addition, the reportage is always dynamic and requires a lightning-fast reaction from the photographer. Photographing of corporate events, conferences, holidays, in general reportage photography, is the coverage of intense and fast-paced events. The purpose of such work is to comprehensively cover the event / event and accurately document it.

The cost of work can be clarified by contacting me through contacts.

wedding photo session in Kiev

Wedding photography

Are you planning a wedding soon? In this case, the services of a professional wedding photographer will be relevant for you.

Portfolio of wedding photo shoots:


Wedding photographer services include:

  • photography during the agreed time
  • general processing all photos (correction of lighting, color, contrast, sharpness)
  • photos are sent through file sharing

See cost here.

You can also order separately video filming for the wedding.

Sample wedding video:

Ordering phone: 050 358 40 03

Photographing of the entire wedding day is possible: gathering the bride and groom at home, buying the bride, registration at the registry office, church wedding, photo walk in nature, wedding photo in studioshooting in a restaurant.

Also possible to order wedding photo album  or slide show which will keep the memories of this beautiful day for many years.

Photography is performed using the following equipment:

Canon EOS
Canon EF 17-40mm f / 4L USM
Canon EF 135 mm f / 2L USM
Canon EF 85 mm f / 1.8 USM
Canon EF 50 mm f / 1.2L USM
Canon EF 35 mm f / 2 IS USM
Canon EF 14mm f / 2.8L II
Canon Speedlite 550EX

The photographer reserves the right to post some of the best photos on this site to create a portfolio.

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The cost of services of a wedding photographer in Kiev depends on many factors, including wedding date, duration of shooting and much more... Therefore, the specific price for the photo of your wedding should be clarified by phone. In order to order a wedding photographer inexpensively, you can slightly reduce the shooting time. For example, a frequent choice is to order a photo at the registry office and a photo session in nature, without a photo of the wedding banquet. One way or another, ordering a wedding photo session from Olegasphoto, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality photographs that will keep the memory of the wedding celebration for many years.