photography training in kiev

Photography masterclasses in Kiev

Individual practical master classes in portrait photography (other topics are possible on request).

During the masterclass I will show and explain how to correctly photograph and what is needed for this.

Masterclass topics:

  • choice of technique for shooting (lens, camera, light, etc.)
  • preparation for a photo session (choosing a place, preparing a model)
  • working with a model (building communication, posing)
  • composition of the frame (selection of angles, work with different focal lengths, etc.)
  • work with natural and artificial lighting (choosing the optimal point for shooting, explaining the principles of lighting)

At the masterclass, I will answer all your questions and share my many years of experience both in the genre of portrait photography and, in general, how to learn to photograph, how to pose etc.


The price includes:

  • photography on the street or in the studio (rent is paid separately)
  • availability of a model for shooting
  • a lot of useful and specific information

Photos from master classes can be used in your portfolios.

The cost corresponds hourly rates (Individually from 2 hours, groups from 3 hours).


Contact me through contacts.

What else do you need to know?

  • At the meeting, necessarily have a camera and a creative mood with you.
  • The presence of a standard lens.
  • Classes are designed for any level of training.
photo from a quadcopter

Aerial photography

On this site along with interior photography of real estate you also can order aerial photography houses, cottages and any other objects using a quadrocopter.

Photo from a quadrocopter for the residential complex "Misto Kvitiv":



An example of a photograph of warehouse complexes from a height of 300m. It is simply impossible to fully demonstrate such an object from the ground.

aerial photography Kiev

aerial photography Kiev

  • Refine cost aerial photography of real estate in Kiev can through contacts.

It is also possible to record video from a drone:

Taking Photos of Items for Amazon

On this site you can order high-quality subject photography various goods for trading through Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and other services.

Photo cost for Amazon on a white background:

  • finished photos with processing from 2000 UAH / 10 photo (200 UAH / photo)

I don't do infographics and lifestyle photography. Background photo only: white background or whatever.




subject photography for amazon


subject photography of usb cables for amazon

photos of items for amazon kiev

photo for amazon infographics

The price includes: photography using professional equipment (photographic equipment, studio lighting), color correction and subject retouch.

goods for new mothers

As a result, the client receives an image of the product on a 2000% white background with a clear isolation of the object. Photo size 1000 pixels on the large side (Amazon requirements for photos: XNUMX pixels or more).

cutlet moldShooting possible any objects, including white objects on a white background, objects with transparent, reflective surfaces, etc.

complex subject photo


More examples of subject photos on link.

Product video instruction for Amazon:

Another example of video filming for Amazon

For Amazon photography inquiries, contact contacts.