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How much does a photo session cost in Kiev? About prices

The range of services for photo sessions in Kiev is very wide and there are many factors on which the final price depends. Option like with sausage (how much is this? and how much is this? Wrap me the one that is cheaper) - does not fit here.

Photography is a creative processrequiring skills, experience, artistic taste and quality technology. Therefore, in order to assess how much a good photo session costs, you need to understand what such a service is and what affects its cost.


Whatever shooting you order, you need to understand who you are going to work with: with a professional photographer or with a person who recently bought a camera and posted an advertisement for inexpensive photo shoots.

The cost of photography depends on:

  • Photographer's qualifications, experience and portfolio

If you are looking for good photos, you should go to professional photographers. If you need a cheaper one and somehow, it is easier to photograph yourself - this will save time and nerves.

You can ALWAYS find a cheaper photographer. You can find a photographer for FREE. Only no good self-respecting photographer will work like that.

Who is a professional photographer is well written in this article.

  • The time it takes to complete your order

That is, firstly, how much the photographer needs to shoot directly on the spot. Be it a model photo shoot, a reportage event, a subject photo shoot or a wedding.

Separately about weddings: the cost is also influenced by the seasonality and the demand for individual dates. For example, August 8 (8.08) is a date for which many weddings are planned. Therefore, earlier booking weddings always preferred.

Secondly, it is time to process your photos. After all, the time of the photographer's presence at the shooting is only the tip of the iceberg. High-quality photographs require many more hours, if not days, of post-processing. It’s work that you don’t see, but that is also done and takes time.

Lead time also includes Transport costs... If the location for filming is outside the city or in a remote area, this also requires additional time and financial costs. Even if you only need to take 5 photos.

More specific

The cost of a photo shoot in Kiev (and in other cities as well), of course, depends on the specific type of shooting. For instance, wedding photo session very different from lovestory photo shoot... A subject photography of 1000 products obviously worth more than shooting 100 items... Shooting also differs not only in duration and volume, but also in the complexity of the work. Naturally, shooting requiring additional portable lighting is more expensive than usual photo sessions in nature.

Therefore, in order to get accurate information on the cost of a particular photo shoot, you need to talk to the photographer and clarify all the details necessary to complete your order.

At last

It's really hard to make sense of the huge offer of photography services right now. A good photographer can be seen by portfolio, responses, site quality, social media activity, etc. A bad photographer can only boast of the words “photo shoots cheap Kiev“, And that's not a fact. Therefore, when choosing a photographer, you need to understand that each work is worth its money.