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Sony A6400 vs Fujifilm X-S10 review and comparison

sony a6400 vs fujifilm x-s10

I am often asked the question “What's wrong with Sony?". And I understand why. People choose cameras by their parameters and characteristics, but very often they do not have the opportunity to hold them in their hands before buying and / or compare them with other similar models. Therefore, I decided to make this comparative review of cameras of the same price range from the same segment - Sony a6400 and Fujifilm X-S10... Both cameras belong to me and I have already gained enough experience to create a review.

A basic overview can be found in the video at the end of this post. Here I will briefly outline the situation.

Sony a6400 - a very popular model among those who are fond of video shooting. The camera produces very detailed 4K video with high dynamic range. It has a good autofocus system and is small and lightweight. For Sonya, there is a huge park of optics - both native and from third-party manufacturers. Against the background of all the above, the device looks very attractive. If not for a few important nuances that put an end to this model for most real-life tasks.

Sony A6400 problems:

  • extremely poor quality of the screen and viewfinder. They are so lousy that it is almost impossible to work with this camera outdoors - you will not see what you are shooting. The viewfinder is useless - you can't see anything on the street.
  • poor quality of the case and connectors. The durability of using this device is a big question, here they have saved on everything that is possible. This thing literally crumbles in the hands.
  • in continuation of the previous point, it is worth noting that there are big problems with the service of Sony cameras. Very often, shops refuse to repair.
  • ill-conceived menu and very problematic management. This camera can be configured for quiet, thoughtful shooting under controlled conditions. But often changing one simple parameter can turn into a headache.

In general, it is very difficult to explain to people that the main thing in a camera is convenience and reliability, with which Sony has huge problems. But marketers do not sleep and play on people's delusions, imposing the idea that it is the camera that is responsible for the image quality, and not the operator and the illuminator.

Concerning  Fujifilm X-S10, then this is a much more thoughtful and high-quality device. Moreover, the X-S10 not only provides high-quality 4K and full HD video (A6400 Shoots Soapy FullHD), but also has the most advanced crop camera capabilities. Considering the a6400 for photography does not make sense, because this device cannot offer photographers anything worthwhile against the background of competitors, but the usability is the worst of all on the market.

Photo of two cameras side by side:

A nuance that I did not quite accurately describe in the video review - the Sony a6400 does not have a video recording time limit, while the Fuji X-S10 has 30 minutes. That said, some people might think that the X-S10 cannot record long videos at all. It's a delusion. Limit refers to the continuous recording of one video file. On a Fujifilm camera, after 30 minutes, you need to press the record button again and it will record another 30 minutes. You do not need to press the button at Sonya. This is the difference.

My video review of Sony A640o vs Fujifilm X-S10: