Yak znimati at the roads?

It’s not a gift to say: “It’s more beautiful to beat it once, not a hundred times to feel it. To this day, in the era of digital cameras, be it a question about the increase in the price of crops, you will be supplemented with photographs. І bazhano, very good photos.

If we increase the price of our photography and our otochennya, we would like to, but such signs, if they didn’t hostile, then we would like to catch those people. For many victories, photos in social framing, sharing with friends, robustly with a photo slide show with musical decorations, or another photo in the viglyad album.

How do you know?

Not all are ready with themselves for the trip of a brother to a professional dzerkalku. I wonderfully well, not all tourists є professional photographers... Alle, you can bring beautiful photographs of leather, whatever you want.

With a compact and budgetary camera, for example, it is important for a velma to create a garnet background. Begin with a compact camera that you can use one nezpechnu change in front of mirror cameras. For the rakhunok of your sizes, you should be sure in any situation with you. Such a camera allows photography to be robbed there, and they were blowing about the lack of a bulky DSLR at home. Practically, be available to you with photographic technology, you can create photographs, since then it will not be lousy to show them.

Schob is visible to garneau fotografuvati, it is not enough to buy a camera. For all, it is necessary to take a lot of photographs: it’s necessary to remember the principle of prompting the frame, shukati in the distance the color of the decision, grasping the moment, and then, until the moment, to live your tips in the booth.

On the right, as you take a photograph professionally and select the development of photos for sale travel agency, schob win mіg іkh vikoristovuvati in his polygraphic products. At such a time, madly, there is no alternative to a mirror camera with a great, bulky and expensive high-aperture object. When you are taking a photograph only for yourself, then you are going to go and a compact camera is simpler. Bazhano won a small wide-cut zoom-active, manual mode, and gave the opportunity to take photographs in RAW format.

In addition, for the last hour, camera makers will be releasing a number of mirrorless compact cameras on the market, equipped with bright, flexible optics. Such models have a matrix in the APS format, the stench may sound great, they have the ability to snatch in the temperament without any noise, the stench is perceived by the robot as a result of calling sleepers. Such a class of photographic technology will be the vidminnym companion of any tourist.

Know the RAW format?

Preserving the RAW knowledge will give you a lot of overwhelming. Some of the values, but some and some minor changes can be corrected when processing RAW frames in special programs. Are everyone ready to spend a few years, or else, converting marks in RAW in a format that can be displayed on computers and in social media?

For the sake of awkward food. Christmas pictures are available to everyone at a price. Great cards allow you to take photos at once in two formats (more cameras have this function). You can immediately look at such a JPEG display on a computer, and the archive can be saved in RAW, but then later you can play with it.

Be sure to apply three additional donations, and you will be guilty of the captives of your friends and acquaintances. Take pictures, paint over yourself and make fun of you.

Korisne posilannya: What about the photographer?

Rules for the formation of the composition of the frame

Heads of staff, like to put in front of themselves as a professional photographer, so as an amateur є rejecting a viral yak sign, I will respect the look. To deny the yak_naya photography, do not just finish fixing the yak_sіkavіy moment, it is necessary to remind yakіm sіdtіnkom. The best way to form the optimal compositions for the sign, the main ones are visible.

Perche rule or tretin rule

It is necessary to cleverly distribute the maybutny frame into three equal warehouses in horizontal and vertical straps. For a bright, healthy child, there will be objects that cleverly grow in the area of ​​overflowing lines. To that, when the frame is formulated, it is necessary to wrap up, to informally important information about the process, because at the universities there will be a line or a line.

Rule of golden retinue

The rule of the “Golden Retinue” has been lost by artists and sculptors, it is still quite possible to capitalize on that with the creation of their masterpieces. On the right, in order for people to automatically focus on the decorative points of the image taken at the moment. Such points have been seen as a stench and stench grow on the walls 3/8 and 5/8 from the edge of the image area. Having put a clear grid on the molding of the frame, we can draw out the points of the higher education, on which people I emphasize my respect. The very points and blame to play on the object, which I want to see on the photo.

Rule of diagonals

In accordance with this rule, it is important that the elements of the molded frame are guilty of the rank of vibrating at a very clear diagonal of the image. At the same time, the image is formed according to the left diagonal - the diagonal from the lower left to the right upper cut of the image goes more quietly, lower from the right diagonal, for some character of the plot.

Combine the rule of diagonal and gold overflow

At the same time, when a photograph is formed, two hemstitching is applied - a golden cross and a diagonal. In the absence of a semantic accent, the photographers tend to group themselves in quiet zones, which are removed by the overlays of the smart nets.

Frame effect

For focusing respect on the part of the image, you can vikoristovuvat the natural environment of the scene, then pass the zyomka. For example, sprinkler, wood, fencing, etc. open like a frame, like you can see the accented object from the other objects that are displayed on the images.

Who is the model portfolio for?

Model portfolio stock up two parts: formal (obligatory) and informal (authoritative)... Obov'yazkova is guilty of being in any model portfolio.

Rakursi for the general part of the photo portfolio: full face, profile, turnover in three quarters

Kadruvannya: close-up (head і shia), chest-length portrait, waist-length portrait, portrait at povny spist (back plan)

Clothing... Required photos in: tight leotard (lightweight make-up), swimsuit, underwear, shorts with a short shirt, evening cloth (evening make-up), sportswear, big clothes, jeans and football, raincoat / coat

Options for the collection of the informal part of the portfolio. In the most part, you can play small scenes from life, so you can show people in their natural view. Such a zyomka can go outside the studio. For example, the model can be expanded from kim-nebud (in the frame if the model is not) and turn the singing emoticons. The model can be used for a workmanship, for workouts, playing sports (meta - showing a person in Russian), etc.

Dodatkovo to the main part portfolio model can be implemented as images:

A podium model, a typical model (a model of a pedestrian, brightly twisted type), a primitive model (a model for designers), a real life model (playing a person in front of a camera, you may need to be able to), a model for a catalog (an image of revealing types of images, small) , ethnichna (a model that can easily turn signs of a given race / nationality), vikova (a model that represents a specific Vikov group), informal (non-standard image of people - emo, punk, rocker, etc.)


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