Who is the model portfolio for?

Model portfolio stock up two parts: formal (obligatory) and informal (authoritative)... Obov'yazkova is guilty of being in any model portfolio.

Rakursi for the general part of the photo portfolio: full face, profile, turnover in three quarters

Kadruvannya: close-up (head і shia), chest-length portrait, waist-length portrait, portrait at povny spist (back plan)

Clothing... Required photos in: tight leotard (lightweight make-up), swimsuit, underwear, shorts with a short shirt, evening cloth (evening make-up), sportswear, big clothes, jeans and football, raincoat / coat

Options for the collection of the informal part of the portfolio. In the most part, you can play small scenes from life, so you can show people in their natural view. Such a zyomka can go outside the studio. For example, the model can be expanded from kim-nebud (in the frame if the model is not) and turn the singing emoticons. The model can be used for a workmanship, for workouts, playing sports (meta - showing a person in Russian), etc.

Dodatkovo to the main part portfolio model can be implemented as images:

A podium model, a typical model (a model of a pedestrian, brightly twisted type), a primitive model (a model for designers), a real life model (playing a person in front of a camera, you may need to be able to), a model for a catalog (an image of revealing types of images, small) , ethnichna (a model that can easily turn signs of a given race / nationality), vikova (a model that represents a specific Vikov group), informal (non-standard image of people - emo, punk, rocker, etc.)


Articles by topic:

What is the need for the nobility of the people, who are the first to go to the studio?

Obov'yazkovo think before zyomkoyu, what result you will find out of neyatrimati. As there will be photographs for the genre and emotive populations, which photos you need more than great plans, for a higher education. In spite of the fact for whom you want to take photographs, the photo-borrowing will be broken so that the names of the people maximized the idea of ​​taking photographs for a specific task.

Part of the image. Deyakі people do not care for the help of fakhіvtsіv, the will of their own to create an image. Yakshcho Virobite signs for a homemade food that can be found in abundance. Ale, as soon as you plan to take pictures for modeling agencies, for portfolios, for advertisements, and for the most part, you will be brought to the maximum for the hour of self-imaging, as well as at the end of the image. Think about those who need a visage, stylist or perukar for you. Fuck, in the studio it is important to replace the services of a professional visagist, for that the extravagant make-up and make-up for the studio photo-shoot are quite developed.

Vibir odyagu. Do not get dirty and take a mountain of clothes with you. zyomka in the studio You can wrap yourself in a piece of cloth and pose in an original way. Tim is no less, if a guy comes to buy clothes, it is zoos and even more interesting for the photo session. On the right in that, the whole odyag needs a viprobuvati in front of the camera. Є speeches, as they look beautifully in life, but maybe not far from the photo. I navpaki. Unambiguously unique with great letters, babies and labels (not a genre photo session, but a specific image). Be specific and unrecognizable accessories, for the items can be made into a larger photo for glance. Pomilkovo think, that biliy odyag will be rotten looking at a light background, and a black one on a light background. The main feature of the robotics in the studio is illumination kerovans. Studio illumination of the design to the developed light dzherels can be displayed correctly to the background.

Vibir bloated. Vibrate correctly. For example, if you need a photo from a summer sarafan, it’s unlikely that you’ll go to chobitki (navigate from my shkiri to match to a sarafan). And the axis will be light sandals once before speech. Vzuttya, yaku Vee you will be victorious on fotozyomtsі, guilty of being wicked and pure.

Zyomka process. As soon as the process of drowning itself is concerned, it must be hidden from the set of the photo session. Leather frame will be created according to the set of employees. As a result, you looked in the frame harmoniously, compositionally correctly and naturally, you will be told how to take a pose, how and where to wonder, how to turn.

Attach studio portfolios from Olegasphoto

Influencing perspectives on inspiring composition in the frame

In photography, it is important to know about the presence of elements of abstraction. That is why it is important to correctly comprehend the composition of the frame. The composition is guilty of being such that it can be easily recognized. Until the butt, if we are able to be on the back of the canvas with a glance, we will straighten the bridle, then the distance between the slats will be seen less and less along the world from the distance from the spacer. Tse base is the power of perspective in the frame. However, if you will be vikoristovuvati a pre-focus object for photographing a distant object, then the size of the object will visually appear larger, below the analogous object close to the camera.

From the far point of view, the problem of the establishment of the perspective of the field, by the day, at the vibration of the point of view. On the right is not in the characteristics of your asset. Tsya dumka doesn’t say the style for the inconsistency of abstraction in photography, but for those that need to be protected from abstraction. For example, such methods of a photo-hand, such as negative, high-contrast or even with the effect of sepia, can help to enhance the perspective of the frame. Cope with such a factor, such as victorian tіnі in order to achieve the effect of glibini open space in the frame with the subject matter.

There are so called line and fortune perspectives. Tsі technіki vikoristoyutsya for reaching the whole enemy of the prospect on signs. The line perspective of the bullet is seen in the butt with rails along the way, so that it can go into the distance. The changed perspective means a change in the tone of objects, which is located on the development of the scene from the photographer. In such perspectives, more light will be associated with the most distant objects, and the dark - with the more distant objects. Often such an effect is explained by the light tonal character of the sky and the greater dark tonal nature of the earth, which is associated with the landscape. If I change the perspective, I can create a vicious fog. This is due to the fact that there is a lack of clarity in the image of distant objects, which may also be the reason for this bright tone. The prospect has been given a clear view of how to keep the mountain wide open in the world of winter landscapes. Such vipadkas have eyes of glance, when looking at a sign, to step through the plot, jumping from one movie to the next. At any moment for a glance, the part of the sign will be sharp, and the part - the size. Such is the evidence of the shortness of the growth in the view, as for the development of the picture on the photo of the growth on the other side.

We also looked at the main types of perspectives that flowed onto the frame. The first type is line, if, when you look at the slats, you go into the distance, look to build yourself up, and how the stench comes closer. A friend is a povtryana, which means the development of the stage of illumination in the objects, which is located on the development of the sposter. Vibudovuchi composition in the frame, remember about the infusion of these new ways of the human zorovyyattya.